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Sparrow Road

Reading Project, Quarter 3

Júlia Krapf

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Sparrow Road

Sparrow Road By: Sheila O'Connor Plot: Setting: Sparrow Road Sparrow Road in Past Comfort Climax Rising Action Conflict Exposition Raine & Molly O'Rourke Other Minor Characters The Atists - Raine O'Rourke, is a 12-year-old girl, who grew up with her mother and Grandpa (Grandpa Mac) in Milwaukee. She never really knew her family, such as her father (which is one of the main topics of Sparrow Road). Raine has pitch black hair and dark eyes. She never got to know her father, only one time when she was still months old.

- Molly O'Rourke, is the mother of Raine, she is very young. She has long, red-ish hair with blue, and light eyes. She is also daughter of Grandpa Mac. She met Gray James when she was still a singer and played the guitar in the streets. - Josie, is a very hyper person. She wears colorful clothes with very bright colors. She is Raine's favorite artists, and one of her best friends also. She is always wanting to give a party and bring Sparrow Road to life.
- Lillian, was a very old lady who was a poet. She had grey, almost white hair that came down a little bit past her shoulders, and blue eyes like the ocean. She wrote beautiful poetry at Sparrow Road, and Raine believed she had something to do with the Orphans that used to live at Sparrow Road.
- Diego, is also a very nice friend. Diego like Molly, so he is always trying to please her and making her happy. Diego treats Raine as if he was her father, so that is why both, Raine and Molly like Diego. Diego is also a paintor, so he is always trying to find objects to make different art.
- Eleanor, is a writer who is always complaining who Raine talks the whole day, which distracts Eleanor. Eleanor is also a mom, so in the deep she really cares for Raine and always wnats her to be safe. - Viktor Berglund, Raine believes that Viktor was one of the orphans who lived at Sparrow Road. Viktor is a tall men which is also skinny. Raine doesn't really like him because he seems like those people who are all cold
- Grey James, is Raine's biological father, he is also a musician. He writes music and plays the guitar. That is the reason why he met Molly, Raine's mom, she also played music. He has dark hair and dark eyes, just like Raine's.
- Grandpa Mac, Molly's father, Raine's grandfather. He doesn't really like Grey James because of the things he did on the past with Molly and Raine. He is a big man with short hair, and almost bald in the top of his
head. During the exposition, Raine and her mother are introduced, which are the main characters. Some minor characters such as Viktor and some artists are also introduced. The setting is also described and set to the reader. It's starts when Molly gets a job at Sparrow Road, an old pink house in Michigan. Raine complains about Sparrow Road, at it's rules (no talking until supper, exept for Sundays ). Raine also starts suspecting Viktor, he seems kind of mysterious. Raine discover the that her father is in the town that is down the hill from the pink mansion, Comfort. She wants to discover more about Sparrow Road, and try to run away and meet her father. Josie also gives an idea of having a party or an event (such as the Arts Extravaganza) at Sparrow Road, and bringing life to Sparrow Road. Viktor doesn't agree on having a party/Arts Extravaganza at Sparrow Road, and neither does Eleanor. The conflict is introduced with the raising action. The conflict would be the relationship between Raine and her father, Gray James and also the mystery of the orphans. Raine really wants to meet Grey James, but at the same time she doesn't want to meet Grey and is scared of meeting him. Also, Grandpa Mac doesn't want Raine to meet Grey because of the things he did in the past to Molly. But Raine doesnt know about those things. The Annual Arts Extravaganza at Sparrow Road finaly came. Gray James is invited and he goes and meets Raine and "re-meets" Molly. Grandpa Mac also goes visit Molly and Raine at Sparrow Road, and isn't very pleased with the participation of Gray James.
Grey James also talk to Raine about the bad things he did in the past, such as the time he had serious smoking problems, and that was one the reasons he had to leave Molly and Raine. Sparrow Road is a very big, old, pink house. It is a place where artists can go during the summer and relax. Sparrow Road is actually owned by Viktor Berglund, and it also has a very big territory, so there is a lake and two more smaller houses. In one of the smaller houses, Viktor lives in. And in the other, it is usually for the maids, cooks, employees who go work at Sparrow Road (which in this case is Molly and Raine). Sparrow Road has also, many hills where the orphans used to play in the winter, with snow. Plus, there is a very big tree, where Raine lays down under and thinks about life, and writes to her imaginary friend (Lyman), who she believes was an orphan. I believe that Sparrow Road in the past was a whole different place. There was more life and the house wasn't so old, and had more life and was a much happier place. As described in the book, when the orphans still lived in at Sparrow Road, there were snowy hills in the winter, where the orphans could go down with their sleds. Also, I can imagine Sparrow Road always happy with blooming flowers, and beautiful views. Also, according to the book, there was only boys at Sparrow Road, so in their room, there would be clothes all over and beds all messed up. Comfort is the small town, which is located down the hill form Sparrow Road. Raine and Josie go there sometimes with their bicycles, and they usually go to the small ice cream parlor. There is also a small cafe, where Raine and Josie met one of the orphans who used to live in Sparrow Road. Comfort is where Raine saw Gray for the first time since she got to Sparrow Road, she just didn't know he was her father when they saw each other. Gray was actually known in Comfort because he worked there as a painter (he helped paint and reform the Sparrow Road), plus, he also worked as a mechanic (helping repair broken things). Theme: Sparrow Road's Theme Sparrow Road has a different type of theme from the classic books in literature, in my opinion. First of all, it kind of has two main stories going on, that some how are related. The theme of the book seems to comfort the reader as he/she reads it, makes it more interesting to read. The book is written in a very interesting way, which helps the reader understand the story better, and in an easier way. Finally, Sparroe Road, has many details about the story, which is another reason it comforts the reader. Characters: Falling Action Raine met Gray James and knows what he'd been through without her mother, Molly. They got an opportunity to meet each other more. Gray told Raine all about his life and what happened, and so did Raine about hers. After the Arts Extravaganza, it is almost time for Raine and Molly leave. Gray asked Raine if she would be interested in staying and living at Comfort with Gray. One day Raine runs away and thinks about Gray's proposal and decides what she'll do. Resolution/Conclusion Raine and her mother, Molly, go back to Milwaukee. Raine made great memories and thank everybody for everything. Raine and Josie discovers the mysteries from the orphans and Sparrow Road. She leaves Gray James behind and he promises they will still keep in touch.
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