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tanya roberts

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of 4-2-3-1

Center Backs (CB) #4 & 5
Two touch Max
Be “N’SYNC”, One steps one covers
Keep the back line connected by communicating with OB
Understand Zone and Man Mark Defending
Know when to delay and be patient and when you step up and be strong
Vocal, confident, quick, strong and Simple

Outside Backs (OB) # 3
Must be a great 1v1 defender, strong powerful, stay connected with backline
Read the game against the attackers and delay play

Holding Midfielder (HM) # 6 & 8
Man mark in danger zone. Screen players in front of center backs, double team with center backs.
Blunt Force Object : Heading, tackling you always come out on top!
Balance with 2 and CB behind

Attacking Midfielder # 10
Cover behind Target Fwd, mark opposing teams HM.
Defend forcing play outside or into covering defender.

Forward # 7
Defend by dropping central with attacking mid forcing play wide.
Become compact as quickly as possible.
Have a good understanding of the covering teammate.
Recover Recover Recover!!!

Target Forward # 9
First line of defense, dictates the direction of initial pressure of team.
Don’t let the ball switch.
Double Down with ACM.

Target Forward # 9
Peter Croutch, Abby Walmbach,
Mobile enough to hold the ball until supporting teammates arrive.
Good technical skill to create space in small areas
Must work well with Attacking mid, free flowing movement and game intelligence.
Smaller players
Quicker, must pick up the ball and run at the CB’s to create unbalanced line.

Forward # 11
Deception, run at defenders with and without the ball, create space behind and make opposing team unbalanced.
Attack with comfort either getting wide or making runs across the field.

Attacking Midfielder # 10
Attacking Mid : Clint Dempsey, Sissi, Lione Messi
Good technical and tactical understanding of the rhythm of game.
Get in front of goal and finish
Create deception with opposing defenders with runs and passes
Positioning is under the Target forward, look for balls behind back line or supporting ball from target
Must be able to read the space knowing the movement between lines of opponents defend and midfield.
Attack Attack Attack!!!

Forward # 7
Create space wide if OB is pinched inside
Your Create space for others after you make a run (drag defenders with you, make them unbalanced)
Holding Midfielder- Defensive # 6
Read the game and keep possession, drop in and cover.
You want the ball all the time, be in position to receive the ball every time. You dictate the next pass. Communicate with players particularly close to them and use insight to move the chess pieces into position.
Switch the Point & sometimes plays long balls behind
LINK: Get the ball and swing to OB or find ball from CB to switch the point.

Outside Back # 3

Attack like there is no tomorrow. Get wide and get going forward.
Who are flank players?
Outside backs , Outside forwards

Center Back # 4 & 5
Expand and open up. Your goal is to separate and create distance between each other.
Create angels to support
Starting position (Where are you on the field)

Outside Back # 2
Variation in crossing techniques, bent, lofted, chip, driven..
Freedom to attack
Starting position is high
Holding Midfielder- Attacking # 8
Stay balanced with all CM
Attack with quick combinations going forward
Read each other and work at a pare
Brains, see the whole game and control the attack. Deception with short balls and 3 man combinations
Forward # 11
Have a good understanding of the covering teammate.
Recover Recover Recover!!!
Outside Backs (OB) # 2
Tuck in with CB!
Be patient, tackle hard, win every air ball, foul smart!
Defending in 9 zones of the field!
Attacking third
Midfield Zone
Defensive Zone
Attacking Principles
First look is ALWAYS
Second look is to
Third look is away from danger and
Expand quickly starting from the OB's. Get High and Wide almost to half.
Flank player Stay central or expand toward end line...
CB open up the field about 20 yards apart.

Defending Principles

Transition centrally together and get behind the ball quickly.
Force play wide
Stay tight like a block with no lanes to play though
Closest person steps to ball, covering player fall in behind.

4 & 5
3 & 2
6 & 8
11 & 7
Transition with back 4
Drop and press
Step to man 4v4 at back
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