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Video Game Controllers

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H Johnston

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Video Game Controllers

Types of controllers
Motion sensing
Touch screen
Keyboard and mouse
Joysticks is used in arcades and some consoles such as the Atari. It is usful in flight simulators and toy grabers in arcades.
Touchscreen controls are used in many hand-held devices like phones and tablets. This makes it easy to navigate and fun to use.
Motion sensing
Nintendo released a console in 2006 called the Wii. this used motion sensing technology to play games such as tennis and baseball. Their aim was to get kids to exercise whilst playing video games. However people recognised that you could just sit down and play it. This led to the Xbox Kinect which senses the whole of your body.
A computer was used for work but then people figured out a keybourd and mouse would make the perfect gaming equipment. There are more games on computers than on all the console games put together!
Video Game Controllers
By Samuel Bousfield

Joypads are the most common controllers used in many consoles such as the Nintendo NES or an Xbox. They are the easiest controllers to use and this is why they are common.
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