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Volume of Cuboids

No description

Mr. Stephens

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Volume of Cuboids

Volume of a Cuboid Lesson Objectives To be able to
calculate the volume of any cuboid Starter Can you rearrange the letters in each of the
words to make the name of a shape on the
worksheet provided?

So What Is Volume? Volume is a measure of
space within an object It means thinking in
three dimensions Or, how many cubes
fit into the shape Can you make a
cuboid using
12 multi-link
blocks? Yes!

So how do we write down our findings? But which measurements
do we need to record??! To work out an area of a rectangle we do... width x length This is two dimensions So for three dimensions we need a third measurement! The formula to work out the volume of any cuboid is therefore.... width x length x height We already know that the volume
for our cuboids are 12 multi-link cubes But what's that
equal to???!! width length Or, think about how many layers
you have Can you calculate
the volume of
this cuboid? Well, the front face has

12 blocks And there's
7 layers So that makes

7 lots of 12 Or for those

12 x 7 = 84 cubes And if they were centimetre
cubes we would write that as...

84 cm 3 Now try your own
on the Volume Worksheet

You can be as creative as you
like for questions D & E


Can you calculate the volume of
something other than a cuboid? So, how do we calculate the
volume of any cuboid again? So, if a we wanted to store
one metre cubed boxes within
this room, how many one metre
cubes could we store? What would we need to
know in order to find this
information out? width x length x height Plenary If a cuboid had a volume of


Then what could it's dimensions be? 3 So for a volume of 60cm

We'd need

width =
length =
height = 3 Remember, the volume of ANY cubiod can
be worked out by: width x length x height So we need to find
3 numbers that multiply
to make 60 So, can you now work out
the volume of any cuboid?

If so how? or

w x l x h

for short
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