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Artists of Contemporary Art

Street Art

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of STREET ART

Alexandre Farto
Keith Haring
Judy Baca
Proffesor at UCLA
education, community based equality for all
Ceasar Chavez Memoral at San Jose State
Founder first mural progam in L.A
Later SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center)
Aakash Nihalani
Aakash Nihalani was born in Queens, NY in 1986 and received his BFA from the Steinhardt School of Culture, NYU, New York. He has had numerous solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions and is currently based in New York, NY.
30 year old French artist
Based in Paris, France
Studied Architecture in Lyon
Discovered in 2012
Urban Origami Installions
Constucted with colorful origami papers
She has her art in all four corners of the world
Street Art
"Crack Is Wack" 1986

Keith Haring, was born on May 4th 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Moving to New York City in 1978, using the city of New York as his canvas playground. He also attended the School of Visual Arts in 1978-1980. He started his chalk drawings in the subway stations. His art was advertised in public murals, nightclubs, galleries and museums through out the world. He was also known as an activist in the AIDS awaresness program. He died on Febuary 16th 1990, of complications related to AIDS, he was 31 years old.
Uprising of the Mujeres, 1979
Vietnam Installation
, July 2012
Christian Guemy
Known as: C215
Born in 1973
one of the top stencil artists in the world
considered one of the top veterans still in the game, creating street art for about 20 years
the artist never adds text to his stencils, in order to give the viewer the full possibility of the interpretation.
In his choice of backgrounds, layers of random, yet well selected found objects speak of passing time, with an outcome that is both, aesthetic and meaningful.
Aya Tarek
Ammar Abo Bakr &
Aya Tarek, 2013
"I want to produce artwork that has meaning beyond simple decorative values. "
Identity remains unknown.
Began his artistic career in the early '90s doing mostly freehand works; by the end of the decade and into present time he is mainly defined by his stencil work, and often controversial subject matter.
There have been many fake stories on the internet about Banksy being caught. The latest hoax happened this past October and featured a guy named Paul Horner.
Born 1989 in Alexandria, Egypt
Founded ARTest(Design Studio Art Establishment Collective)
Graduated from Alexandria University
Taken as the first serious street artist out of Egypt
Produced and was also casted in films
Also known as Vhils, Farto is a portuguese street artist born in 1987 who started making graffiti at the young age of 13 on walls & trains. Wanted his work to depict the changes of the city over the years which led to him creating art by etching into walls. He carves through layers of stone and brick using drills, hammers, chissels, and explosives. Carves faces on walls to humanize the place, so people can relate. By etching away and revealing layers he shows changes of the city by bringing the past to the present, and making you think about the future.
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