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Clothes - some useful words

No description

Jonas Bångdal

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Clothes - some useful words

Clothes - some useful words
Below the waist
Above the waist
Below the waist
tights = strumpbyxor
trousers = byxor (Br.Eng)
pants = byxor (Am.Eng)
jeans = jeans
skirt = kjol
dress = klänning

On your feet
shoes = skor
slippers = tofflor
sandels = sandaler
clogs = träskor
trainers = sportskor
boots = läderstövlar, kängor
wellington boots / wellingtons = gummistövlar


belt = bälte
tie = slips
scarf = halsduk
pyjamas = pyjamas
nightdress = nattlinne
dressing gown = morgonrock
swimming shorts = badshorts
swimming trunks = badbyxor
swimsuit = baddräkt
mittens = vantar
gloves = handskar
On your head
Hat = mössa (hatt)
baseball cap = basebollkeps
wolly hat = stickad mössa
On your torso
vest = undertröja, linne
blouse = blus
tank top = ärmlös topp, linne
T-shirt = T-trkoftöja
shirt = skjorta
cardigan = kofta
sweater/jumper = (tjock)tröja
sweatshirt = collegetröja

More on your torso
jacket = jacka, kavaj
tracksuit = träningsoverall
anorak = vindjacka
down jacket = dunjacka
vest = väst
coat = kappa, rock
suit = kostym
long sleeves = långa ärmar
short sleeves = korta ärmar
with buttons = med knappar
zipped(zipper) = dragkedja
v-neck = v-ringad
polo-neck/turtle neck = polo (tröja)

(check out Wings 7 textbook page 33 for pictures of the patterns)
Red = röd lilac = lila (syrenfärgad)
green = grön turquoise = turkos
blue = blå apricot = aprikos
yellow = gul cerise = cerise (ceriserosa)
black = svart beige = beige
white = vit mint = mintgrön
grey = grå light blue = ljusblå
pink = rosa dark blue = mörkblå

To see the actual colours check out page 33 in
wings 7 textbook.
high heels = höga klackar
flat shoes = låga skor
low cut (jeans/trousers/pants)
loose fit (jeans)
straight legs (jeans/trousers/pants)
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