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The Evolution Of Minecraft

Minecraft has evolved to fit in better in social media.

Charles Lively IV

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Minecraft

Evolving with Social Media Minecraft: Classic The first time player meets Minecraft Survival Test When players want to get more they ask Notch for the Survival Test. Indev (In Development) Minecraft in one of its first states Infdev (Infinite Development) Notch released a world that was bigger and enhanced to catch more audiences Alpha With Alpha came more items and blocks and bug fixes to make the game something for those who wait in line just to get that thing that will be the next big thing Beta With beta came more players who caught a glimpse of it on Youtube or heard of it from a friend Pocket Edition For those who didn't have a computer, didn't want to pay that much for it, or for those who didn't want to get it unless it was on the phone were pleased to see Minecraft now has an app. Minecraft Official Release When Minecraft was officially released it was publicised a great deal more than any others. Xbox 360 Edition For those who didn't want it becuase it wasn't on the Xbox or becuase they didn't know about joined the parade of Minecrafters Lego Minecraft Minecraft became even more popular when it teamed up on a new type of Lego Product. Minecraft Evolution 1 Minecraft Evolution 2 Bibliography Works Cited
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