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Transport V2

No description

Nikki Danbom-McMurray

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Transport V2

photo credit Dundwoody Georgia, http://www.dunwoodyga.gov
Greening your Business' Travel
Transportation in the Green Accord
15: Plan business journeys to minimise fuel consumption and maximise efficiency.
16: Maintain Vehicles and Equipment to manufacturer’s recommendations
17: Operate disposal policy for vehicles and equipment.
18: Use Fuel efficient vehicles/equipment
19: Encourage staff to travel to work using sustainable means of transport.
Q.15 Plan business journeys to
Minimise fuel consumption
Maximise efficiency
Definition: Minimise fuel consumption through efficient journey planning and driving techniques.
Evidence Requirement: Demonstrate using plans/policies that have been implemented to reduce business fuel usage, examples of route planning software used, efficient journey planning used, fuel efficient driver training, etc.
The Energy Saving Trust offers eco-driving training, available for as little as £12 per driver. A PDF is included in your USB stick which includes easy contact details.

You may also add to your company's transportation plan that you give each new employee a copy of efficient driver guides (which are on your USB stick) and make all new and current staff aware of their environmental and financial importance.
More resources are on your
USB stick in the folder for
this question
Simple driving techniques can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%, saving money and carbon emissions.
Driving 12,000 miles more efficiently could save around £250 (Energy Saving Trust).
Route Planning Software?
Transportation optimisation software (software that helps plan the most efficient route) can cut
driving costs by as much as 20%.

Using Paragon software, Tesco saves 150,000 miles each week, Sainsbury's has achieved a reduction of 1406 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, and companies like Laura Ashley report faster and more reliable home delivery.
Even without software, your company might have trip planning in its transportation plan. This can be as simple as using one trip to an area to do multiple tasks, rather than return there the next day.
Fuel efficient driver training?
In what ways (if any) is your business already minimising fuel consumption and maximising efficiency, which could be documented or stated in official policy?
In which areas (if any) is your business especially inefficient with fuel, and might stand to make financial and environmental gains?
Q.16 Maintain Vehicles and Equipment to
manufacturer’s recommendations
Definition: Schedule vehicle and equipment servicing and maintenance operations to meet or exceed manufacturer’s recommendations, all aimed to maintain energy efficiencies whilst reducing environmental pollution and carbon footprint impact.

Evidence required: Demonstrate with examples of vehicle/equipment servicing being carried out. Service books, maintenance records, invoices, fleet agreement contracts, etc. may be used as evidence.
Repairing an out-of tune vehicle can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 4%. Addressing serious maintenance issues, such as changing a faulty oxygen sensor, can increase efficiency by up to 40%.
You can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. The proper pressure should be listed in your vehicle's manual.
Well-maintained vehicles will run more efficiently, use less fuel and last longer, saving end-of-life vehicle waste.
Reflection Time
Does your company keep its vehicles maintained to manufacturer's specifications?
What kind of evidence do you have of servicing- invoices, service contracts, service-logs, etc?
Q.17 Operate a green disposal policy for
vehicles and equipment.
Definition: Operate obsolete vehicles and equipment green disposal procedures in line with the ELV/WEEE directive.

Evidence requirement: Provide a copy of your green disposal policy for vehicles and equipment no longer required by your company.
Quiz: How many vehicles reach the end of their life each year in the UK?
End of Life Vehicles (ELV)s are classified as hazardous waste until they have been properly treated, which must be done at an authorised treatment facility (in your USB there is an extensive list of these in England and Wales). You must be issued with a certificate of destruction for your vehicle (carrying up to 3.5 tonnes of goods or passengers).

End of life regulations apply to all equipment in motor vehicles, even when other regulations are concerned. End of life regulations apply to ALL vehicles.
All untreated commercial ELVs are classed as hazardous
waste and must have a consignment note to be moved.

In your USB there is a consignment note form, as well as guidance for the form. You should look to the Environment Agency for more information, and may want to check for an updated form.
Reflection Time
Does your company have a policy for handling end of life vehicles and vehicle equipment? Have you complied with end of life vehicle regulations?
Q.18 Use Fuel efficient vehicles & Equipment
Definition: Use the most fuel/energy efficient vehicles/equipment within the range of vehicles/equipment suitable to carry out a designated task.

Evidence requirement: Provide comparative vehicle/equipment information for make/model registration date (where available) and manufacturer’s stated fuel energy consumption of your last vehicle/equipment’s acquired and the same details for other vehicles/equipment available in its class.
You can use this simple tool from Business Link and Department for Transport which will allow you to look at different vehicle emissions and fuel usage:

You can find vehicles based on efficiency;
You can find the tax, emissions and fuel costs;
You can find vehicles by tax band;

If you work with 20 or more vehicles, the Energy Saving Trust can offer you a free Fleet Health Check which will tell you your carbon emissions and advise on your environmental performance.

Even if you have a small fleet, the advice line for the Energy Saving Trust can help you.
An information form with contact information is in your USB in the folder for this question.
More emissions= More tax
Example of form which will be with vehicles and in any show room
Ratings begin with A in Green, which is most efficient
Reflection Time
When your company purchases new vehicles, are environmental factors included in purchasing decisions?
Do you know the efficiency rating of the last vehicle your business acquired?
Can making the next vehicle purchase more efficient save your business money, even if the vehicle is more expensive?
Q.19 Encourage staff to travel to work using sustainable means of transport
Definition: Have in place and/or promote schemes and policies that encourage staff to use sustainable means of transportation to and from premises.

Evidence Requirement: Provide details of your travel to work schemes/policies/incentives open to staff.
Image: unplugandgogreen.com
Cycling is good for your staff's health and wallets; studies have shown greater happiness derived from cycling and walking.

Somerset County Council offers a travel change calculator, which shows emissions, money and weight loss from cycling rather than driving:
A plethora of Exeter and Devon Specific information is on your USB stick in a folder for this question, including local incentive schemes, cycle maps, information on free adult cycle training, park and cycle information and more.
Car Sharing
Can make a significant reduction in carbon emissions
On average, commuters that car share save themselves £1,000 a year compared to driving alone (sestran.gov.uk)
Your business can save money on maintaining car-parking spaces, and it has been shown to strengthen social well-being in the work-place
If no one in the office matches a commute, carsharedevon.com (or others) can help.
Ideas for Encouraging Car Sharing

Financial: awards for registering, or for daily commutes.
Parking benefits: car-sharers don't pay, or have a set of reserved spaces closer to the building entrance.
Consider the needs of your employees, for example by guaranteeing a lift home (by taxi if needed).
Making Cycling Accessible
You should have a good amount of cycle parking, which is easy, secure and conveniently located.
Other ways to support cycle commuters include: a small set of bike tools on premise and lockers and showers.

Give staff access to information about how they can commute to work, for example using cycle streets: http://devon.cyclestreets.net/

Take part in and make staff aware of incentive programs, such as Cycle to Work Scheme which lets staff save money on bikes and pay in installments. Information about what's available in Devon is available in http://www.cycledevon.info/business-is-better-by-bike
Picture: Vancouver Observer
Cycle to work guarantee web-page
Public Transport
Greening Your Business' Travel
Sustainable Transportation is Exciting! Businesses are Innovating Everywhere!
Green Transport:
Stories from Some Businesses
If you prefer a closed organizational group, a service such as liftshare.com can help, or you may have a coordinator in your business.

Incentives you may consider offering for car sharing include:
Some Final Notes
image: myparkingsign.com
image: drdni.gov.uk
Reflection Time:
How do most staff in your business travel to work?
How can your business encourage car-sharing?
Is there ample cycle parking? In what ways can your business promote cycling to work?
Is your office on any public transport routes? How can you make public transport more attractive to employees?
Often whether employees choose the bus or train comes down to how these options are supported by the organisation:
Many employers will offer employees a subsidized bus or train pass.
New staff (and current) staff should be made aware of which bus or train routes are close to the office.
Follow the path of an individual coming to an interview; are they offered only car directions, or are public transit routes included? This sets the mind-frame about public transit that employees bring to the organization.
Each business is unique and has its own unique way to contribute to greener business transportation. Try to think about the specific
that your business
has in front of it, and realise that your business may be unable to do some things which another business will do easily.
Your USB Stick has a copy of this presentation as well as several resources. It is organized by folders with each Green Accord question having its own folder.
We will all share with each other:

One thing that we think our business is doing very well for sustainable travel;
One thing that we think we really need to work on; and
Something that we've learned.
In your USB stick is a sample copy of a Sustainable Transportation plan, written for Roses are Rubbish Up-cycling. Using this, what you have learned today and the resources on your USB stick, you should be in a good position to take a green travel plan for your business forward.
Image: Louis Trocciola, http://studiophototrope.wordpress.com/
Pair up and tell your partner what you think sustainable transportation means for your business.

In what areas do you think your business is doing well?

What challenges does your business face and how could it improve?
image: cardriving.com.au
What is your MPG?
Determining your vehicles' average miles per gallon (over a month or more) can help form a clear picture of how efficient your transportation is, so it might be a good first step.
Once you've established your MPG, you can use this to measure the success of efficiency measures that you take.
Calculating MPG is easy. In case you need it, there is an advice form on how to do this on your USB stick.
First: How do staff get in?
Thank you!
Green Desk is here to help
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