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The Lost Hero (timeline)

No description

Vince Rodea

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Lost Hero (timeline)

The Lost Hero (timeline)
The Lost Hero (timeline)
By:Vince Rodea
in the story we find out about the three main characters who are Jason, Piper, and Leo. All three of them went from an ordinary day from school to getting attack by storm spirits and crashing at camp Half-Blood
The Main Characters
Jason's memory
Annebeth (a leader at camp) helps jason try to remember wo he is. They go to the the son of Hypnos (the god of dreams) ,Colvis to help as they think jason was dipped in the River of Lethe.But actually got his memories buriud so he can't remember.
Leo's Past
as we continue on in the story Leo finds out a curse his cabin had since the leader died ,a dragon made out of fire, and remembers the day his mom died in a fire and finds out he is fire-proof .Then he tries to go find the dragon and found a secret cavern and Festus(the dragon) wings.
The Adventure
As Piper got claimed by her mother (Aphrodite) the three plan to go on a quest to fine Hera and see why the gods aren't responding to the half bloods and talk to Boreas the north wind and Khione the ice god
The Cyclops
As they got away from the north wind god they crash land at a warehouse. While Piper is healing her injured leg and Jason staying with her while Leo is finding Festus they get captured by cyclops.Leo returns and finds out kills the cyclops but found out since the gods are not responding to their jobs monsters are able to be killed as much but can't be sent to the underworld.
Storm Spirits and Coach Hedge
While they follow storm spirits they find a undergroun mall that a lady has storm spirits and Coach Hedge ( a satyr who sacrificed himself to save them) locked up in a cage and the lady is secretly a witch who has dragons and is trying to kill them.They make out alive with Festus injured.
The Golden Touch
As Festus gets shot out of the sky they go into a house that king Midas who has the golden touch talks to the kids and then fights them,turn everyone but Jason into golden statues except Jason.He brings Midas down and luckly running water turns them back to normal. They rested in a cave then were attacked by the god of wolves.They were saved by Hunters of Artemis.One of the girls was Jason's sister.
God of Winds
As they survive there deadly encounter an Artemis Hunter was told to be Jason's sister.She told himhe should be dead and about his mother and his father(Zues).They lead them to the Aeolus god of wind.He was friendly till he got unknown orders to kill them.They escaped by a wind spirit an assistant of Aeolus.
Enceladus the Giant God and the EarthBorn
The three all go to San Fransisco Bay Which is Titan Land.They go and find Piper's father and Enceladus the giant and a anti-Athena and the Earthborn.They fight him and saved Piper's father costing Jason's golden sword.They defeat Enceladus and send him under the mountain.The Hunter's find where Hera the god who is gone and why Olympus is falling apart is.
Gaea's monster
The three of them defend Hera's cage along with the Hunter's from the Earthborn,wolves,and storm spirits and try to release Hera from her cage.before it is to late. The giant god Porphyrion Jason distacts him while Leo releases Hera.It was succesful and Hera turns everything back to normal by going into full form jason saw her in her full form which he was not suppose to but somehow survived.
After everything that happened they stayed at camp Half-Blood and Leo showed the secret cavern and Leo showed the them blueprints of a flying boat the same one Leo drew a long time ago.They are going to fill in the next profacy,Use Festus head in the boat,and find Percy Jackson and go to the doors of death.
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