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Queen of the Welsh Resorts

No description

Juhainah Turqueza

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Queen of the Welsh Resorts

Queen of the Welsh Resorts
Why do we have to study Llandudno?
- point of comparison in studying geography.
- one of the many places that retained its historical design
- another side of UK
llandudno - location
Llandudno is found in the United Kingdom. There are four countries found in the UK and these are Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Llandudno is found in the Northern part of Wales
Llandudno Region
- got it's name from St. Tudno, the one who brought Christianity to the country. "Llan" for parish
- shares the same religion Christian countries
- shares the same Victorian-inspired structures
- shares the same lifestyle with people living in areas surrounded with water
Movement in Llandudno
Climate in Llandudno
Llandudno has a mild temperate climate with all four seasons and no extremes of temperature. Rainfall is quite high year round.
The resort is popular year round; in the summer for its Victorian waterfront and long bay and in the winter for skiing
How does Llandudno look like?
The design and size of the structures in Llandudno are controlled.
Human-Environment Interaction
Having a huge body of water just across the walkway, people in Llandudno could enjoy the beach any time of the day.
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