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Hardcore Punk

The progress of the Hardcore Punk Genre by Tyler Kelley and Isaac Mullins

Tyler Kelley

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Hardcore Punk

Created by Tyler Kelley and Isaac Mullins Hardcore Punk ORIGIN Began Late 1970s.
A sub genre of Punk; alongside Straight Edge and Skate Punk
Black Flag is usually listed before all other bands, so it is assumed that they were a huge part in what it is today.
It was inspired by Punk Rock, but decided to keep the anti-establishment image and DIY images. Black Flag Black Flag was a hardcore punk group formed in 1976.
Southern California
Created by Greg Ginn, guitarist and songwriter and the only continuous member through multiple line-up changes.
Most of the band's material was released on Ginn's independent label, SST Records
Mixed the simpleness of The Ramones with atonal and micro tonal guitar solos.
Lyrics were mostly about isolation, neurosis and paranoia.
The lyrics did not change when Henry Rollins took on the role of lead singer in 1981. (Recent References)
Bands Of Today
(Be sure to check out) Rise Against
Comeback Kid
88 Fingers Louie(Currently disbanded)
Black Flag(Currently Touring under the name FLAG)
Everytime I Die
Parkway Drive
We Came As Romans Best Albums
(based on number of votes on Allmusic.com Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by Dead Kennedys
Damaged by Black Flag
Walk Amoung Us by The Misfits
Endgame by Rise Against
Generic by Flipper
Sing The Sorrow by AFI
Heavy Petting Zoo by NOFX
Perseverance by Hatebreed
All or Nothing by Pennywise Videos Work Cited http://www.punknews.org/bands/blackflag





http://wecameasromans.com/bio/ NOFX -
"Franco Un-American" Rise Against -
"Prayer Of The Refugee AFI -
"Miss Murder" Inspired Grunge
Pop Punk
Crossover Thrash
Crust Punk
New York Hardcore
Sludge Metal
Thrash Metal(which also was an inspiration to Hardcore Punk)
Riot Grrrl
Alternative Metal
Melodic Hardcore
Breakdown Hardcore
Screamo - Emo(Assumed under the facts that a lot of band that are classified as hardcore are also screamo) Top-Ten Hardcore Punk Songs of All Time (From Punkrocker.com) (Written by Dave Grohl) "Surf Combat" by Naked Raygun, made in 1985
"Loss For Words" by Corrosion of Conformity, made 1985
"It's Catching Up" by NoMeansNo, made in 1989
"Who Are You?" by by Void, made in 1982
"Room 13" by Black Flag, made in 1981.
"Sun God" by Squirrel Bait, made in 1985
"I Don't Need Society" by D.R.I., made in 1983
"For Want Of" by Rites of Spring, made in 1985
"Chartered Trips" by Hüsker Dü, made in 1984
"At the Movies" by Bad Brains, made in 1983 Ty's Top Favorites "Hope" by We Came As Romans: "Honestly, This song makes me think, my life has been bad, but I don't have to be bad in my future, I can be a good person, as can anybody. Don't let the past control you're present and future, anyone can change." - T.K.
"Glad You Came" by We Came As Romans: "Love the Punk Goes Pop album, and when I found this song, I had to listen, and was blown away" - T.K.
"Just Keep Breathing" by We Came As Romans: "This was found by an accident, I had never heard of We Came As Romans before this song, and now they are a huge influence on me and my music" - T.K.
"Prayer of the Refugee" by Rise Against: "I heard it once and was hooked, it shows such reason behind the lyrics I couldn't help but listen more." - T.K.
"Hardcore (the Definition)"Agnostic Front: "Honestly I just like the song, no huge reason why" - T.K.
"Franco Un-American" by NOFX: "I found this randomly when starting this project, and I love how it shows that America, as a whole, isn't like it used to be." - T.K.
"Miss Murder" by AFI: "My older brother showed me this song, and played it habitually on Guitar Hero, and always got the most stars in it." - T.K.
"Room 13" by Black Flag: "It's the first thing i found for this band and is the reason I will continue to listen to them" - T.K.
"Karma" by Parkway Drive: "I found this song by complete accident and loved it, so I kept listening to this song on repeat" - T.K. We Came As Romans
"Hope" We Came As Romans Starred in 2005
Form in Troy, MI
Their first album was To Plant A Seed.
TPAS was made to form the concept of love and understanding love, which has no argument
Have toured with Megadeth, NOFX, Parkway Drive, GWAR, Suicide Silence, and August Burns Red
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