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Retention & Termination

Chapter 10

Carolyn Elbert

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Retention & Termination

Retention & Termination
Hiring the Right People
Attitude is everything....
Does this person need the job or want the job?
essential for employee retention

Progressive Discipline
Verbal Warning: coaching, discuss the problem, informal

Written Warning: formal meeting, documented, signed/dated

Probation: under watch must meet standards to keep job
Management's Role
Help your employees succeed
Employee Termination
Voluntary: by the choice of the employee
Chapter 10
Prevent the "warm-body" syndrome
Learn about your applicants; check background, references & internet
motivate and provide feedback
Develop improvement timelines
Ask the questions:
"Why are you struggling?"
"How do we fix the challenge?"
What are the COSTS of turnover?
**easiest to manage, exit interview preformed
Involuntary: by the choice of management
**should be made after thorough consideration
Termination Process
Step 1: Cause
Step 2: Documentation
Step 3: Approval (HR/Legal)
Step 4: Termination Package
Step 5: Termination Meeting: Private/Witness
Step 6: Surrenders Company Property
Step 7: Adjust Security as Needed
Exit Interview
Why is the employee leaving?
Information is helpful to:
reduce turnover
identify problems
improve work experiences
Unstructured vs. Structured
Separation Checklist
List of activities to be completed when leaving the organization
Vacation/Sick Leave
Reference Release
Return Company Property
Update/Verify Contact Information
Final Paycheck
Unemployment Compensation
**different depending on your state**
Based off loss of employment that is, NO Fault of the Employee
Employees receive a percentage of their earnings
Documentation of the termination supports the claim of unemployment
Be an employer of choice
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