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Isabella (Commedia dell'arte)

No description

Kara Telfer

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Isabella (Commedia dell'arte)

Isabella Isabella Andreini Isabella does not wear a mask; but she wears heavy makeup and is to act as though she has a mask. History The character Isabella is most known well by all the
female lovers. Due to her great intelligence and stage performance the Isabella role started probably
in 1578. Isabella was a great, famous and cherished actress, cultivated and a poet of considerable talent, and also quite daring on stage. Characteristics She was very flirtatious, she was headstrong and
dramatic intensity.
She had a feigned madness due to
passionate love.
She also can be prudish.
She has quick mood swings.
She is a beautiful and chaste woman with a very independent will. Signature props: handkerchief, fan and a book
Movements: Her movements are always very exaggerated with her hands or her fan.
Gestures: Often with her hankie or a flower and looks frequently looking in a hand mirror.
Relationship with the audience: She is very aware of being
watched, she will play with the audience for sympathy in '
their difficult situations. She also will occasionaly flirt
with the spectators. The Mask Costume She had the latest fashion and liked to show of, and often wore wigs. She also often wore stunning silk dresses. with a antique Renaissance style with necklaces of gold and pearls. She was always nice looking, modest and cute. Tidbits
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