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Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Kino Der Toten

A breakdown of the Nazi Zombie map Kino Der Toten; included in are weapon details, strategies, tips and tricks, and even a few glitches.

Morgan Henneman

on 16 October 2011

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Transcript of Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Kino Der Toten

Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies Kino Der Toten The Characters Tank Dempsey Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki Edward Richtofen Tank was the leader of a small unit
sent in to rescue Peter from Der Riese, a Nazi experimental
facility where he was believed to have been kept and tortured
for information. His unit was captured and it is either believed that
they were killed or kept and used in experiments with element 115.
It is believed that Dr. Richtofen wiped Tank's memory, but his personality
is still intact. American hero and G.I. Joe go hand in hand
when you looking for quick words to describe Tank. He was chosen for this mission after he showed his true potential during the Battle of Peleliu. Before the main invasions, his unit was captured by the japanese and he was submerged in malarial water in a rat-infested bamboo cage for weeks. Tank was successfully able to escape and fight his way through to freedom Kino Der Toten Theater of the Damned Strategies and tips to help
you survive and
even enjoy your stay in the
Theater of the Damned The Enemies Filling you in on the baddies
that want nothing more than
to take you down Nazi Zombies Hell Hounds Crawlers Accidentally created during experiments with Samantha Maxis's
pet dog and the teleporters in Der Riese, this once docile family pet has turned into a murderous beast.
They are fast and vicious, making them lethal opponets. Tell-tale signs that they are spawning include the ground shaking and balls of lightning forming where they are coming through. There are many different ways to take down Hellhounds- such weapons
as shotguns or submachine guns are good for holding them at bay, while
Wunder weapons will always take them out in one hit. These foul abominations may have been created
accidentally during experiments with the teleporters in Der Riese,
as most of the test subjects mysteriously dissappeared during
teleportation, which could possibly explain how they ended up
in Kino Der Toten. The use of Nova 6 gas in creating the crawlers is apparent, as greenish gas
trails behind them wherever they go. If they are not killed by certain means,
their body explodes, releasing Nova Gas which disorientates the player, blurring their vision and causing a small amount of damamge. Easily the most formidable, tenacious and
deadly of the enemies are the nazi zombies.
When Nazi scientists discovered that element
115 could reanimate the dead cells of fallen Wehrmacht
soldiers, it brought them back stronger and deadlier than
ever. Unfortunatly, it was soon discovered that the zombies
could not be controlled and they ended up turning on their
former masters, killing them mercilessly. Although they are tough, there are many
ways to take them down. Be warned, though, that
as the number of rounds increases, so do the strength,
speed and number of the zombies. Rounds 1-5 the zombies are weak and move slow, but past round 5 they get significantly quicker, easily swarming and incapacitating you if you aren't
careful. Soviet war machine and literal 'Lady Killer', Nikolai
is a russian soldier who expertly plays a vicious political game
of 'eliminate the next person in line'. Quickly climibing the ranks
by employing this violent technique, he also married politically to
further his own goals...but he either ended up killing all of his wives
or they escaped his wrath. All of his aspirations came crashing down
on top of him when his fifth wife was discovered with his ax in her neck, successfully making him infamous. Born into a weathly and honorable
family and serving the Imperial japanese
Army, Takeo is the epitome of a well-disciplined
man who employs various tactics to destroy
those less honorable than himself. If you fall
victim to Takeo's swift and honorable actions,
know that even as you are dying, you have helped
someone better than yourself reach enlightenment. Meet Richtofen, an incurable Nazi psycopath who
is partly resposible for the creation of the zombies
and fully responsible for Dr. Maxis and Samantha
Maxis's death. Before all of this, Richtofen was the expert for information extraction. He enjoys torturing helpless victims before killing them. He suffers from Schizophrenia, and it is said he hears voices as well. He is credited with the
creation of the Wunderwaffe DG-2. If you run out of M1911 ammo, simply knife the zombies at the barricade, but be careful as the zombies can reach through the barricade and easily incapacitate you, as it only takes 2 hits to knock you down. For rounds 1-3, use your knife and M1911 torack up points- five shots per zombie + 1 for each round up untill round 3. There are many different weapons that you can obtain
in Kino Der Toten, for a price of course. Weapons
bought off the wall vary in price and power The Mystery Box is an invaluable
tool in Zombies, as when you use it,
it gives you random weapon. The box is a gamble, however,
as you may end up with the most powerful weapon in the
box or with a spare pistol. Originally the location where Dr. maxis was going to present his information about the teleporters and experiments. However, following his untimely demise, the Theater was closed down and it has been abandoned for several years. Our survivors arive here after using the teleporters in Der Riese to find it overrun with zombies. One reason as to why they are here is that they possibly came through the teleporters, by accident or not though is not known. Power Ups These goodies are obtainable through defeating enemies, and offer various bonuses and advantages. Max Ammo Simply put, this power up restores
all of the ammo for both of your weapons Insta-Kill As the name suggests, this power
up gives you a one-hit kill on all
enemies, regardless of weapon type
or the enemy. Carpenter This nifty power up repairs any damaged barricades, stemming the tide of incoming zombies by making them tear down the boards once more, which can buy you valuable time. Double Points This awesome power up briefly doubles your point intake, so if you were to get 10 points for repairing a barricade, you would have 20 points instead. Pretty cool, huh? Fire Sale The Fire Sale power up spawns the mystery box at all possible spawn locations and cuts the price down to use it from a hefty 950 points to a mere 10 points. There are several traps littered throughout Kino Der Toten. These Electro-shock
traps produce a barrier of lightning that will kill any zombies that try to come through it.
Use them wisely, though, as they have a 30 second cool-down and if they are still recharging
when you need them the most you will be left without a powerful asset. Aim for the head! Most zombies will die quickly
if you shoot them in the head with a good weapon. Certain weapons have different characteristics if pack-a-punched. For example, the Ballistic Knife pack-a-punched becomes the Krauss Refibrillator, which if you fire it at downed enemies works like a quick-revive effect, quickly resuscitating your incapacitated teammate. Other weapons, such as the Crossbow, become the Awful Lawton. This cool weapon fires bolts that attract the zombies like moths to an exploding flame, then after a few seconds, well, I'm sure you can figure the rest out. Use me! zzzt! Easter Eggs Those cute little cool secrets that make you feel special when you find them :) Musical Easter Egg For a full list of Pack-a-Punched
weapons, go here http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Pack-A-Punch_Weapons Don't know anything about Sam or Dr. Maxis? Go here for Sam
Here for more information about Dr. Maxis http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Samantha http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor_Maxis Don't know what a Wunderwaffe DG-2 is? This
should answer your question http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Wunderwaffe_DG-2 There are many grim reapers made with blood around Kino. These paticular pieces of art don't really do anything, they're simply for looks, but they are creepy anyways. Kino Der Toten tapes There are many different secrets in Kino, such as writings or documents, but most of them are only visible through no-clip, which is only available for the PC version of Nazi Zombies. Sorry! Thats all for now. Thanks for watching! :) This power up doubles your point intake, so if you were repairing a window and you got 50 points for repairing the entire window and you had this power up active, you would instead recieve 100 points. (Note that while this video actually shows footage of hellhounds spawning in Call of Duty: World at War, its safe to say that the spawning animations/behavior of the beasts aren't very much different in Call of Duty: Black Ops).
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