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Social Media 101

Intro to Social Media

Social Media Sisters

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Welcome to Social Media 101:
Introduction to Social Media for your business/organization Who are the
Social Media Sisters? Sarah Bodnar & Samantha Armbruster a.k.a. the Social Media Sisters Our style is yoga
meets roller derby! Seminars & Training
Social Media Consulting
Online Strategy What we've learned
from you... Why? as of May 2010 Social Media played a critical role in the Obama presidential campaign in raising funds and communicating with voters at minimal cost (significantly outpacing the McCain campaign)
15,407,364 people “Like” Obama's Facebook page as of 11/2/10 and 18,992,356 as of 4/4/11.
The “Yes We Can” video was viewed 14,200,000 times on YouTube What? “Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues.” Main Principles:
It’s all about relationships
Conversations, not press releases
Sharing, not sparing
Thought leadership
Content driven
If you are interesting, people “like” you Best Practices: Facebook
Page types: Use a Business page... or be sorry!
Profile & image
Posting: content & consistency
Attracting friends & fans
Page administration & management
Responses & conversations Best Practices: Twitter
Designed to answer: What are you doing (right now)?
Use your 140 characters wisely: use abbreviations and URL shortening
Drive traffic to your website, blog, or other related sites of interest
Focus on new content, real-time updates, special offers, news
What came first: “Following” or being “Followed”?
Join conversations using hashtags, replies, retweets & trends How? Social Media strategies are most effective when implemented by people who are actively involved in the daily operations of the business, organization, issue or product. First-hand accounts and real-time information yield the best results Your strategy may include:
Individuals: staff & employees, volunteers
Teams of people
Your customers, members, supporters “What Old McDonald Can Teach You about Social Media”
-Social Media Examiner

Good content will...
Entertain: make it fun
Inspire: quotes, success stories, photos
Educate: teach people something new
Inform/Impress: updates, special offers, events
Outrage: controversy is exciting, in moderation Tips
It’s personal, but it’s not all about you; stay interesting and relevant
More isn’t necessarily better, but consistency is key
Design a SM Marketing plan that you can keep up with
Brand your total online presence: images, logos, fonts
Consistent voice & personality
Integrate & leverage all online marketing efforts
Invite your followers, fans and customers to contribute Win! Tracking Your Success
Many SM tools offer indicators & metrics (free)
Other tools, e.g. Google Analytics
Success isn't always linear, this is the world wide web that we're dealing with Be on the lookout for.. info about upcoming courses
is 202 right for you? SURVEY follow up Q&A Thanks!


Find us on Facebook
www.facebook.com/SocialMediaSisters Common Concerns
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