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Steve Jobs(:

We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for the passion and dedication from Steve Jobs towards making technology something that can help humans in everyday life. rest.in.paradise♥

Kiran Crosby

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Steve Jobs(:

Steve Jobs
Kiran Mundi
Steve Job's Birth
San Francisco
Reed College
A Fighter
Beginning of Apple
April 1st, 1976
Steve Jobs
Apple 1
The Lisa
Mark's $390,000
Apple Continued
What company helped?
New Hardware Device;
The mouse
Slogan; Think Different
Competitors; IBM
Other Products; Apple 2
Apple Divorce
Steve's unsuccessful product; Macintosh
Steve Jobs' Feelings towards being replaced;
Replaceable, not good enough & unappreciated
Why Steve was replaced;
Thought to be inexperienced
Life After Apple
Steve's Share of Stock; Sold all but one
Gets involved with NEXT
NEXT made software and hardware
Return to Apple(:
Steve Jobs Returns on condition;
Apple buys NEXT
First new product; iMac
Saviors of Apple; iPod & iTunes
Died from Pancreatic Cancer
RIP Steve Jobs
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