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FERPA Training

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Transcript of FERPA Training

Refer requests for student academic information to the Registrar’s Office

Information on a computer should be treated with the same confidentiality as a paper copy

If you are going to step away from your desk, cover or file papers that contain confidential information

Dispose of records properly. This means that records containing Bear numbers or grades should be shredded, not just thrown in the garbage

Curiosity is not a valid reason to view student information

Records should be used only in the context of official business

Information can be given out with a signed consent form from the student.
UNC employees who have a legitimate educational interest can access student information

Legitimate Educational Interest is defined as a school official’s need to review student education information to fulfill a responsibility as part of his or her contract
The information listed below must be handled in a secure manner:
Grades and GPA
Student schedules
Class assignments
Class rosters
Student’s gender and race
Any paper with the student’s Bear # on it
Directory Information can be released without the student’s written consent

Each institution, to some extent, can determine what information they classify as directory information
Information that the student has given written consent to release

Information needed by employees who have a legitimate educational interest
This is what allows HRE to check your grades, know your Bear Number, etc.

Information needed by certain government agencies
This allows the Financial Aid office to communicate with federal financial aid programs.

Directory Information
The following are not Education Records:
Personal Notes – kept by a faculty/staff member, if kept in sole possession of the one who made the record

Law Enforcement Records – maintained solely for law enforcement purposes and revealed only to law enforcement agencies

Employment Records – of those whose employment is not contingent upon being a student

Medical Records – created by a health care professional used only for the medical/health treatment of the student
FERPA rights begin:
When a student is “in attendance” as defined by the institution
UNC defines “in attendance” as the date the student is admitted to the University.
When does FERPA coverage begin?
Students who are or have been in attendance at a postsecondary institution are covered
Applicants who are denied admission or who never attend are not covered.
Deceased students are not covered.
FERPA definition
Why comply?
Who is protected by FERPA?
When does FERPA begin?
Student rights under FERPA
Education Records
Directory Information
How to comply with FERPA
Who can you ask for more info about FERPA?

Provide anyone with student schedules
Provide anyone with lists of students enrolled in your classes or who lives in your hall/community
Include confidential information (e.g., grades, number of credits) in a letter of recommendation without the written consent of the student
Do not leave confidential information displayed on an unattended computer screen
Students can choose to restrict the release of directory information

If a student has elected to restrict this information, a message about record confidentiality will appear when you access the student’s record at the front desk.

If this indicator is present, your response to requests for information about that student is “there is no information on that individual”
Degrees conferred and dates conferred
Participation in recognized sports
Honors, Awards, Publications
Physical factors of athletes
Address and Phone
Email Address
Enrollment Status
Date of Birth
Degrees pursued
Dates of Attendance
Major field of study
Education Records that directly relate to a student and are maintained by the University

These records include, but are not limited to:
Computer Printouts
Class Lists
Computer Display Screen
Notes from Advising Sessions
expect that their education records are kept confidential except where special provisions are made

suppress the disclosure of directory information

file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education if they feel their rights are being violated
prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information from their educational record without consent or permitted exceptions

inspect their educational records

have their records amended if necessary
It is federal law to follow the guidelines of FERPA
FERPA violations can result in loss of federal funding (which means a loss of financial aid for students)
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
Sometimes referred to as the Buckley Amendment
FERPA compliance is enforced by the Family Policy Compliance Office of the U.S. Department of Education
What is FERPA?
Family Educational
Rights and Privacy Act
What information is being requested?

Is it directory information?

Has the student opted for restriction of his/her record?

Does the requester have a legitimate educational interest?

Does the requester have the student’s permission for access?
Before giving out student info,
ask yourself:
Online Training
Adapted from a presentation by the UNC Registrar's Office
Outline of Prezi
Who is protected by FERPA?
Student Rights under FERPA
Students have the right to:
Education Records
Education Records Continued
What Information can be shared?
Directory Information
Directory Information
at UNC
Directory Information
& Non-disclosure option
Accessing student information
As a student staff member in HRE, you have a lot of access to student information. Just because you have access, does not mean you should use it.
FERPA Compliance
Some FERPA tips:
Your Hall Director!
The Registrar's Office
When in doubt, don't give it out!
Now that you know all about FERPA, please take the short test on Blackboard and show us how much you learned!
Handle with Care
Do Not:
Simply stated:
Quick & Dirty:
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