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Non profit

non profit organizations

Gena Korkes

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Non profit

Non Profit Organizations Our non profit organization
will be one that focuses on
education. The issue we will be focusing on is
less fortunate schools and poor
community schools. Our goal is to provide money and supplies
to these schools to help the kids get a proper
education that other kids get for granted. By
helping out the schools this will also help
the community.
Our organization will differ from
others because we offer scholarships
to the kids who volunteer to help
our cause. Our goals meet the needs of society
because of the many poor, less fortunate
communities, we offer money and supplies
to help them out. Our organization will be looked at as a
highly positive non profit organization
helping out the less fortunate. We would be
a well known organization. Our target market would be people
around the age of 35-50, these people would
live in more affluent areas. We will commercialize our organization by
promoting on radio stations, at gas stations and
restraunts, and local newspapers. Our two spokespeople would be athletes or
celebrities who are well known and are well known
in our area. Our main headquarters would be located
in Detroit because this area has a poor
school district. We will offer supplies to schools, money to
the districts, and scolarships to volunteers
who show outstanding achievement. Our organization would include both
volunteers and employees. The majority
of our work force would be highschool
kids throughout the community looking
to get a scholarship for college. Our
employees would be mostly just managers
overlooking our work.
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