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How man learn English.

No description

Akihito Otani

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of How man learn English.

How you learn English Listening Speaking Speaking Chem Lab Eng Put it practice! Now you learned how How baby learn language Start listening listening
2-3 years Then,
Start speaking How about us? How Japanese students learn English Start memorize reading
6 years Then,
Examination No way
can speak English What should we do? 100 hours listening changes your ears time listening skill 1 hour x 10 days most people
give up here 1 hour x 70 days something start change 1 hour x 100 days You will realize
you can understand basic conversation Nice Free app/site for English source 1.Podcaster App download
News ABC
News CNN
News BCC 2.TED Site download
of great ideas 3.MIT Open Course Wire Chemistry classes
in MIT reading, listening need special practice Practice is Just
Talking Free Opportunities to speak English 1. HUB room Kokubunn Campus D409
You can talk with
international students 2.TEDee kobe 1. Watch TED Movie with English Subtitle 2. Have a discussion
in English @ Engineering campus Paid (but cheep) opportunity 1. Skype English School Personal (1 to 1)

3000-5000 yen
per 1month
with Every day 25min class Everything is up to your effort! Purpose: 1.Get the way to be a English Speaker

2.Tell you the Plan of this meeting

3.Introduce new presentation tool 'Prezi' Let's get Prezi starts Conversation is consisted from 1.Listening 2.Speaking Start here:
1 hour x 100days You may think
We do not have opportunities to speak English

But, Kobe Uni. has plenty Practice of
general English Practice of
chemical English 1 hour English conversation by cx-14 and more in the future Normal topic
Usual conversation Chemical related topic
Explain your lab work The Benefits 1. Make new friends 2. Learn anything 3. Nice English presentation Tool to get "English ears"
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