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New France Habitants

No description

josie bean

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of New France Habitants



New France
Habitants housing
The habitants built their homes using rough hewn timber and stone. The house had three to four rooms on the ground floor. The houses were large and very comfortable for living in a family of 14 people.
a map


3. what challenges did the settlers experience
in New France (physical,
economic, and religious), and how did they face them?

The challenges they faced where
paying taxes, sometimes insects
would go into their crops and wreck

them, or there wasn’t enough rain to
grow their crops so they wouldn’t
have enough to eat.

1. Why did European

settlers come to

New France?

The Habitants came to New France because
they heard there was better farming
conditions and wanted a better life and they

wanted to experience something new, other
than their peasant ways back to New
France, they also wanted more land.

2. How did the arrival of these
settlers affect the established
first nations communities.

More people would come for farming and
things like that so they got less farming space,
and also there were many baked potatoes and

crab apples that had diseases inside of them
so when people ate them them, the disease
were spread like butter and toast.

Habitants clothing
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