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Noor Sedehi Zadeh

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of GENDER WAGE GAP

Historical context
1940’s and 1950’s more women entered the labour market
Discrimination theories
Do attitudes towards equality between men and women affect the gender wage gap?
Literature review
Does attitudes of equality effect the gender wage gap? Can a more positive attitude towards equality result in a smaller gender wage gap?
Research Question:
Women in the household
1960's Campaigns to promote women's participation in the workforce
Preschools and nurseries
Women's role in the labour force in today's society
Attitudes about traditional gender roles evolved with time
Taste-based discrimination
Statistical discrimination
Human capital
Occupational segregation
Early studies; discrimination
Women's responsibility in the household
Gender wage gap at career entry
Research on human capital and the gender wage gap
Studies on how egalitarian attitudes effect the labour outcomes on women
Statistics Sweden; Gender wage gap in different municipalities
National survey; attitudes towards equality
Reasons why we choose the data
OLS- method
Positive attitude vs negative attitude
Panel data, time-constant unobserved heterogeneity
Measuring attitude towards equality
Interpretation of results
Positive attitude towards equality - decrease gender wage gap
Our model does not reveal the mechanism behind the effect of the attitude
Further research
Potential solution - break traditional gender roles that attitudes towards gender equality
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