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No description

Ciera Trillion

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of moolah

Remix: Why people remake music "Cover Version" Cover version:
A new recording of a priviously recorded, commercially released song or popular song. History of cover version
Cover version coined in 1966.
Discribed as a revival version of
a tune recorded to compete with the
recently released original version. It
started with Paul Williams 1949 hit
tune " The Huckleback" or Hank Wlliams
1952 song "Jambalaya (on the bayou),"
which they both were popular songs
and they both got numerous hit versions. WHY
Some music artist make very
successful careers out of remaking
someone else's popular tune. They
even make cover versions out of
current hits. New artist tend to
rework a popular song to exemplify their
approach to music. Musicians use
cover versions as a tribute to other
artist. There are three type of
entertainers who depend on
cover version for their repertoire.

Tribute Acts or Bands: are performers
who make a living by recreating the
music of one particular artist.

Cover Acts or Bands: are entertainers
who perform a broad variety of crowd-pleasing
material for audiences who enjoy the familiarity
of hit songs.

Revivalist Artist or Bands: are performers
who are inspired by an entire genre of music
and who are dedicated to curating and recreating
that genre and introducing it to younger audiences
who have not experienced that music first hand.

Example of Cover Version:

REMAKE: I feel that you cannot
call yourself an artist and
use other people's
music. I dont believe that
there should be no reason in
cover version, becuase if your
an artist, producer, or song writer,
then you got to be cteative, you
got to be yourself, you got to be
original and being a copy catter
is not doing that.
What happens if you use
cover version illigally? You'll get a lawsuit Interesting Song lawsuit...
The lawsuit between producer
Boi 1da and music artist Maino
and Eminem Fun Quiz
on cover
version Who remade Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice? Sissy Bar Who remade Stevie Wonder's
Knocks me off my feet Donell Jones Who sampled Every little
thing she does by the Police? Ja Rule Who Remade Every breath you take by Police? P. Diddy and faith Evans Jay-Z remade Forever Young by who? Alphaville By: Ciera
Melson THE END!!!!!!
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