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terra: Latin root word meaning "earth, land, country"

No description

Delia M

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of terra: Latin root word meaning "earth, land, country"

geology--- a crustal fragment of earth of foreign origin, or one representing a microcontinent, island chain, or piece of ocean floor, that is transported by plate tectonics ("continental drift") to a continental margin and welded on to it Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 mediterranean Start a closed container for keeping or raising indoor plants in dirt (earth) but without water terrestrial the sea which people once thought was located in the middle of the earth terra: Latin root word meaning "earth, land, country" Created by Delia terrane
belonging to, or living on, land, instead of water , sky, trees, etc. inter to bury a dead in the earth, in a grave or tomb terrace a raised level or platform of earth terrain
the character, natural features and configuration of land, "the lay of the land" terrapin
a land turtle,or one that lives only partly in water terrazzo a type of earth-colored flooring made of small chips of marble set irregularly in cement an polished terrier a dog, usually small, that unearths his prey, originally used by hunters to dig for small furred game such as badgers that live in holes in the earth subterranean under earth territory a large extent of land territorial relating or restricted to a particular area extraterrestrial beyond or outside of the earth
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