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Peace Tree

No description

Catherine Bui

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Peace Tree

Peace Tree
The Great Law Of Peace,The Clan Mothers And The Hoyaneh
The Grand Council,The Wampum,And the Women and Men's council.
The Longhouse, Peacemaker and Peace Tree
Hoyaneh were male leaders of each nation of the Iroquois Confederacy which means "Caretakers of the Peace," now we call them Chiefs.
Hoyaneh or the Chiefs are chosen by their Clan Mothers.
Most of the time they make decisions for their nation whether to move or make their village bigger.

Clan Mothers
Clan Mothers were the oldest and most wise, respected woman in their Clans.
Clan Mothers were responsible for the balance within the clans and nations, they also choose the Hoyaneh, the male leaders of the Iroquois Confederacy.
Also the Clan Mothers can replace the Hoyaneh who fails to do their task.
The Great Law Of Peace
Women's Council
Women's Council have developed positions on important issues. Women who did not take place in the Clan Mothers they took place in the Councils.
And Women had 2 ways to Make there voices heard are by Being a Clan Mother and being in the Council.
Men Councils included all the men in a clan.
They came together and came to consensus on issues.
Men had 2 ways of making their voices heard are by being Hoyaneh and thought Men's Council.
They, like the women of the clans, advised the Clan Mothers
The Wampum Belt
The Wampum beads are made out of shells that are woven into patterns strings and belts that record important events, ideas, contracts, pledges or treaties among nations.
The white line that joins the nation together symbolizes the path of peace which extends out from both sides of the belt. This invites other nations to follow in the path of peace and to live with the Great Law Of Peace and to take shelter under the tree of Peace.

The Grand Council
Th Grand Council met to discuss issues that affected the whole Iroquois Confederacy, such as peace treaties, trade agreements, and decision to go to war.
The Grand Council was made up of the Hoyaneh from each nation 50 in all.

The Longhouse
The Longhouse was the center of Iroquois Confederacy socially.
All people living in the longhouse were descendants of their Clan Mother, As the families grew as long as a football field and some Iroquois Villages had 4 or 5 longhouse, other villages could have as many as 50 longhouses.
* Taking Part In Our Democracy (Social Textbook)
* Mr.Szucs Lessons
* Wikipedia
*WWW.Iroquoismuseum.org/ Peacemaker
Men's Council
The Great Law Of Peace of the 6 Nations Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida, Seneca, Mohawk, Tuscarora.
The original 5 member nations had an 6th member join but it was until 1720 they let the Tuscarora nation join but the 6th nation is not in the wampum because it was added into the group a few a years after the 5 nations combined together.
Peace Tree
By Catherine
Thank you for listening and watching. :)
* The Branches-represent protection of all nations.

The first nation to accept the Peacemaker was the Kanienkehake also known as the Mohawk nation.
The peacemaker traveled east and camped near Cohoes falls and he made a campfire so the Mohawks in the nearby village would see the smoke and to know that he was there and that he wised to honor them.
Some Mohawk runners came to his camp site and asked him who he was and what he wanted with them.
The peacemaker said that he was the one they were waiting for. he was the one who was carrying the message of peace.
The Mohawks were uncertain if they could trust him so they said that he had to pass a test to prove that he had the power to carry such a important message.
They said that he would have to climb a tree and then the Mohawks will cut the tree down and if he survived they would know that he had a great power and that they would listen to his word.
The peacemaker agreed to the test and when the Mohawks cut down the tree they saw that he fell into the river.
They were looking and looking but they couldn't find him so they went back to their village.
The day after they saw the smoke again and when they came to the smoke they saw the peacemaker and listened to what he had to say.

*Roots- represents peace and strength
*Weapon-buried beneath the tree
*Eagle-Is a watchful eye to warn of any danger
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