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The Dangers Of Static Electricity

No description

emma swann

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of The Dangers Of Static Electricity

The Dangers Of Static Electricity Sparks Basically Cause ALL the dangers of Static Electricity Sparks can cause
Third degree burns
Can stop your breathing
Give you irregular heartbeats
Extreme illness
Can make you paranoid
It can cause an explosion
Gives you electric shocks :S
LIGHTNING Lightning is a dramatic example of natural static electricity discharge
It occurs when the positive electrons move to the top of the clouds
and the negative electrons move to the bottom of the cloud and the
positive electrons in the ground get attracted to the negative electrons
in the cloud so the sparks in the cloud connect to the ground forming
During a lightning storm, lightning can be attracted to aerial's on top of houses, which can blow up televisions! So next time there's a lightning storm maybe unplug the TV :D Death can only be caused by extreme electric shocks or lightning THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
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