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Tanning for Publicity

No description

McKayla Smith

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Tanning for Publicity

Tanning's the In Thing!
On the Other Hand...
Tanning For Publicity
By: McKayla Smith
Do you want your skin to look gorgeous? Of course you do! I suggest you try tanning beds! They are an easy and quick way to get your skin to glow instantly. After a few minutes under the lights you will come out looking like you have had a relaxing day on a beautiful beach. It's safe to tan for a few minutes to get a glow but don't take it for granted because you don't want to over burn. Tanning gives your skin some vitamins as well, such as Vitamin D. Celebrities such as Snooki and Lindsey Lohan use tanning beds and look great. So why shouldn't you?
Tanning your skin doesn't always help you get the look you want, especially when tanning beds are involved. The side effects can give you skin cancer and burn your skin cells down. Your skin will dry out and you will appear much older looking. Using these harmful machines that give off terrible vibes of radiation can also increase your risk of several skin diseases. If you constantly tan under light sources, one day you will wake up and find yourself looking like this:
Lindsey Lohan
Tan is beautiful, tan is you!
I used celebrities to persuade the crowd
Card Stocking:
Making one side appear bad and the other better by stating facts.
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