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The Exploitation of Illegal Immigration

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on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of The Exploitation of Illegal Immigration

The Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants
by William Burmeister
Exploitation: use or utilization, especially for profit.

Illegal Immigrants: a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization.
For Starters
A Real Life Story...
has help foster the growth of the exploitation of illegal immigrants. Americans see foreign people as a source of cheap labor, and they are willing to exploit them for monetary gain.
plays another huge role in this struggle. Foreign immigrants are often ignorant of U.S. policies and government agencies take advantage of this.
also is a factor to this injustice. Many Americans see these people as less than me. They refer to them as "aliens" and dehumanize them because they come from poor backgrounds.
How has this issue gotten so bad?
ACLU- American Civil Liberties Union
Immigration Advocates Network
RAICES- (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services)

Who is taking a Stand?
Who are the Illegal Immigrants?
In the United States a majority of illegal immigrants are from Central and South America.
Immigrants come from impoverished places all over the world.

Where are These Immigrants?
Where are the Illegal Immigrants?
Why Exploit These People?
They are very vulnerable.
They are ignored.
They are willing to work for much less.
Easy to control.
What do they make immigrants do?
Hard Labor- farming, landscaping, maintenance, custodial jobs.
Sexual Jobs- prostitution, masseuses
"In 2012, a study by the Cato Institute estimated a mass deportation of all Illegal immigrants would reduce economic growth by almost 250 billion dollars each year."
What We Can Do
Pay Attention
Be aware of where your goods come from.
Participate in democratic processes.
Demand government transparency
Advocate for a cause that matters to you.
Work Hard
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