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No description

Ahmed Hassan

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Coordination

1. To make use of every idea and be sure that no ideas are lost.
2. To make the work flow smoother.
3. To ensure communicating tasks and outputs.
4. To help absent member to catch up with what they missed.
5. To aid in evaluating (Meetings, Tasks)
6. To serve as a reference for next years

why documentation?

What do we document?
1. Meetings:
Meetings are documented using the “Minutes of Meetings” document.
2. Tasks:
Tasks are documented using the “Task Ticket” document.

What is a “Minutes of Meeting”?
Minutes of meeting is a document which the committee head chooses a member before the meeting to fill it after the meeting. It contains basic info about the meeting “date, committee, place, announcement”, attendance and excuses, meeting agenda, objectives, covered points, introduced ideas and quick info about the tasks delegated during the meeting.

Minute of Meeting
Task ticket is a document that is filled by the committee head, the coordinator and the member(s). It helps in smoothing the work flow during tasks and insuring communicating the task properly from the head to the member(s) to get the best possible performance.

Task Ticket
What is a “Task Ticket”?
Checks that all the required information is filled by the head.
Fills in his orientation and work plan
Checks if the member has the correct orientation and then follows up his work
Receives the task ticket from the coordinator after evaluation
Task Ticket
1. Helping to ensure that objectives are met.
2. Identifying successes.
3. Identifying problems and weakness so they can be rectified.

Why should we evaluate?
Standards are like ruler for us, they control the evaluation process. we return to Standards to put our evaluation; Without standard our judgment won't be correct so our evaluation aren't granted.
Fills in task information, objectives and his expectations
What is evaluation ?
Evaluation is a process that examines a system. It involves collecting and analyzing information about a system’s activities, members, and output. Its purpose is to detect strengths and weaknesses and always seek to improvement
Meeting Evaluation
1-Check the announcement period.
2- Meeting agenda.
3- Excuses.
During meeting
1. Check that all agenda points are discussed and covered.
2. Member's attendance.
After meeting
1. Checking that the assigned member has filled the MOM.

Task Evaluation
1. Checking that the head filled all the required info.
2. Checking that the member has the correct orientation.
During task
follow up with the member
After task
task is evaluated according to output set by head.
what is feedback?
When to use feedback?
When head need to make an individual meeting
(Purposes: promotion /status of member).

What if member wants to send a feedback?
We help him to write the feedback form in the right way without intervention in what he wants to write
We could write it instead of him in the way he wants but it’s better to tell him the way & he writes it by himself.

RDQ Job Description
APEC'14 Coordination
Thank you :D
Importance of coordination
1. Enables us to get the best possible performance of every task and meeting.
2. Makes it easier to communicate the ideas.
3. Helps in getting proper documentation.
4. Helps in implementing new ideas across all the committees.
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