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ERP Implementation Process

How to implement ERP (ENG)


on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of ERP Implementation Process

ERP Implementation Process

Business modeling
GAP analysis
Input, output and workflow definition
- determination which processes should be
re-engineered and what part should be customized
Go Live
Business requirement review
Return on investment (ROI) and Key performance indicator (KPI)
Solution concept discovery :
- Review business process and workflow
- Match functionalities
Define project scope, timeline and resources
Prerequisites for next step: defined project goals and timeline to accomplish those goals
Organize project
Check team strategy
Model review - based on experience 'Best practice' with details
- identify potential problems
Project plan presentation
Project's objectives, goals, and success criteria definition
Prerequisites for
next step:
Confirmed inputs, outputs and workflow definitions
Project plan confirmed
Solution design
- Verify decision: re-engineer specific business processes
Prototype design / presentation
- business processes
- transactions
Prerequisites for next step:
Confirmed prototype
Key users trained
Production system setup
Project team and key users validation
- detail go live definition
- data preparation
- end user training
- documentation
- after implementation support
Prerequisites for next step:
validated system setup,
final go-live confirmation
Project closure and
post implementation support
End user training
Go live
Project review
Basic prerequisites:
- project sponsor and project team need to be involved from the beginning
- project team should know business processes by heart
Focus on details that will avoid double data entry and to enable easy access to operational data

Analyze and document each phase
Only by confirming the previous, next phase commences
Validate legal regulations

- coordinate the business standards using ERP system on one location or on geographically dispersed locations
- data consolidation
- real-time data access
Technical feasibility
- existing hardware and software
- does it fit to new requirements
- plan
Economic feasibility
- budget
- TCO - total cost of ownership
- Do requested changes outweigh budget?
Send us questions to: info@kapa-spin.hr
Important !
– discuss and identify changes
– update and review project scope and plan
– compare budget with actuals
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