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Layers of the Atmosphere

The students will learn characteristics of the layers of the atmosphere.

Jason Bardin

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of Layers of the Atmosphere

The Atmosphere What is the Atmosphere?

- The Atmosphere is made of gases that surround a planet, such as the Earth. The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of

- 78% Nitrogen
- 21% Oxygen
- 1% other gases like Argon, water vapor, carbon dioxide
- Contains liquids, solids, and plasma as well.

What are the Layers of the Atmosphere?

- Troposphere
- Stratosphere
- Mesosphere
- Thermosphere
- Exosphere Troposphere

- The troposphere is the lowest layer of the Earth’s Atmosphere.
- The Layer in which we live
- Contains almost all clouds, pollution, weather, and life forms.
- 0-10 Km from the surface upward.
- Temperature drops as height above the surface increases.
- (-76°F) or (-60°C) at the top
“Sphere of Change” Greek “tropos” = a turn, change + “sphaira” = sphere Stratosphere

- The Stratosphere is the atmospheric layer above the troposphere.
- Layer that contains the ozone, which absorbs dangerous rays from the sun and protects life on Earth.
- The air in this layer is very thin, and there is little moisture.
- 10-30 miles up.
- Bottom is cold, but the top is like the temperature on the ground.
- “sphere of layers” Latin “stratus” = a spreading out http://www.kidsknowit.com/educational-songs/play-educational-song.php?song=Where%20Is%20The%20Stratosphere Mesosphere

- The Coldest layer of the atmosphere.
- Protects the Earth from small space rocks called meteoroids.
- 30 - 50 miles up
- -135F (-93C) at the top
- “middle sphere” Greek “mesos” = middle.


- The uppermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.
- Temperatures are very high
- 50 - 400 miles up
- 3,100F (1,700C)
- “heat sphere” Greek “thermo” = heat


- The last layer outside of the Earth
- Gas molecules can escape into space
- Extends out 40,000 miles above the surface of the Earth.
- “outside sphere” Greek “exo” = outside

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