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The Anybodies

No description

Holly Hox

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Anybodies

Characters and Setting
The main settings of the book are various character's houses such as: Fern's house, Fern's Father's house, and Fern's Grandmother's house.

Fern: main character, quick-witted, outgoing, and very curious about who she really is.
Howard: the Drudger's real child, mellow, book smart
The Drudgers: dull, boring, like routine and for everything to be neat and organized
Bone: Fern's real dad
Miser (Michael): Bone's ex-best friend
Dorathea Gretel: Fern's grandmother
Eliza Bone: Fern's real mother

Basic Plot
More About the Author
She has written 19 books over the past 12 years
Teaches at FSU college of motion picture
She and her husband created a non-profit organization Kids in need- books indeed, which gives books to underprivileged children in Florida
Favorite Parts
I didn't really have a favorite part, the whole book was good to me. One part that stuck out to me was when Fern said she felt really close to her mother even though she died.
Things aren't always what they seem, are they ?
The theme of the book is to never give up and that things aren't always what they seem.
I would recommend this book to younger people like ages 10-11, but my mom read it recently and loves it. So this book is for people of all ages.
About the Author
To me this means that nothing in life is how it appears to be and you have to take a closer look at things to find its true meaning.

My mom got me this book from a school book fair about 7 years ago. I wasn't really into reading at the time and shoved it somewhere in my room. I stumbled across it when I was unpacking and decided to read it.

First Impressions

When I first picked it up and read the back of the book I thought it was weird and I didn't think I would really like it, but after I started reading it I couldn't put it down and I really enjoyed it.
The Anybodies
By: N.E. Bode

After discovering she was swapped at birth, Fern got to meet her real father, The Bone, and get away from her dull "parents", the Drudgers. While living with her father Fern finds out that her mother Eliza died while giving birth and that she is part of "group" called the Anybodies. Anybodies are people that can do almost anything like: shaking characters out of books, the ability to hypnotize people, and they can "transform" themselves into any person, animal, or thing. The Bone also tells Fern that they need to go get a book called The Art of Being an Anybody, from Fern's grandmother's house before the Miser does. So they pretend to be encyclopedia sellers and stay at Fern's grandmothers house as guests. The Miser kidnaps the Bone, Fern's grandmother tells Fern she knew everything, and they get the book.

Julianna Baggot
Has two pen names: N.E. Bode and Bridget Asher
Writes children's books and science fiction and fantasy books
Writes books for audiences younger and older
Interpretive Questions
Do you think the saying "Things aren't always what they seem" is true ?
If you found out you were switched at birth, would you be excited like Fern was ?
Mary: The nurse that switched Fern and Howard at birth
Picture of Fern's mother
Picture on the back cover

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