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GCSE Theory - Lesson 1

Unit 1: Living in a Digital World

ICT Mayfield

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of GCSE Theory - Lesson 1

Unit 1: Living in a Digital World
Intro & Reviewing Technology Lesson 10 Open the Lesson 1_Reviewing Technology worksheet in the P Drive.
P:\ICT\6. GCSE ICT\Theory\2. Mock 2012\1. Reviewing Technology\Lesson 1
Complete the starter task.
Brainstorm as many factors as you can think of. STARTER You are working on the theoretical aspect of the course which is worth 40% of your final GCSE Grade. BIG PICTURE By the end of this task you will have learnt about:
The difference between desktop and portable computers
How to make decisions about whether a computer meets your needs
How to make suitable recommendations for different users LEARNING OBJECTIVES Don’t just copy from the book or the Internet.
Ensure you understand what is being shown
Write this in a concise version in your own words.
Use colour, headings, underlining to make points stand out in your note book.
Make sure you proof read what you have written to ensure it makes sense, and you will be able to revise from this Making Notes Share your recommendations with the class. PLENARY SAM Learning
4 Quizzes
Due: Monday 12th Nov HOME LEARNING
ICT Vocabulary
It is essential that you learn and understand the key ICT terminology as you will be tested on this in the exam.
Task 1: Answer the questions surrounding ICT terminology. ACTIVITY: For this task you will need to complete the worksheet you opened from the Pdrive. You will be assessed by a 90 minute written exam in June 2013.

To prepare you for this you will explore how digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society, learn about current and emerging digital technologies and the issues raised by your use in a range of contexts (learning and earning, leisure, shopping and money management, health and wellbeing and on the move). You will also develop an awareness of the risks that are inherent in using ICT and the features of safe, secure and responsible practice. What to consider when buying a computer
What to consider when buying a computer?
Task 2: Make a suitable recommendation for each of the different people, thinking about their professional needs. Examiner’s Tip! The selection of a computer that meets the needs of a particular user or scenario should be based on three main criteria: cost, weight and functionality, linked to the target context. For a given functionality, the smaller and lighter machines are more expensive. They are also less suitable for use over extended periods at a time.
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