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San Luis Rey de Francia

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Nick Des

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of San Luis Rey de Francia

San Luis Rey de Francia
Year Established
San Luis Rey de Francia
San Luis Rey
San Luis Rey
Daily Life
San Luis Rey de Francia
I should tell you that San Luis Rey de Francia is a really cool and interesting mission. The old mission San Luis Rey was built to spread religion and is located in Oceanside, California. San Luis Rey has a lot of facts and I think you should hear them.
San Luis Rey de Francia
San Luis Rey de Francia was founded on June 13, 1798, by Father Fermin Lausen. San Luis Rey de Francia got its name from Saint Luis king of France in the 1200's. It is the last mission founded by Father Fermin Lausen. It is also the 18th mission on the 21 mission chain in Alta California. The church is 180 feet long, 28 feet wide, and 30 feet high. It was one of the largest missions covering over 6 acres of land. It was known as 'King of the Missions'.
While the spanish was in control, the Luiseno people inhabited this area for one hundred years. Their villages were located in valleys, along rivers, by the coast, and nar mountains. Luiseno homes were dome shaped and constructed to tulles over a branch frame. A establishment of the mission in Alta California was not authorized until the threat of Russion encroachment in the area. When there was a shortage of spaniards in the New World, Spain decided to colonize with the native people. The Franciscans were chosen not only to preach to the indians, but to teach them the skills to be productive citizens of Spain.
In the coldest weather they wore a cape- like garment of fur covering the upper part of the body reaching almost to their knees. During most of the year men are said to have worn little to no clothing. The capes were made of rabbitt skins, deer skins, and sea otter skins. Later the sea otter skins were the most highly prized, but were not common, except on the coast.
Life at the mission was hard for both of the fathers and the natives. During the early years most missions had trouble supporting themselves and depended on deliveries of supplies and food from Spain and other missions. Often the ships were not able to make the trip and the mission's members went hungry. It normally took several years before the mission was able to plant enough food and raise enough cattle and other animals to be able to feed everybody who lived in the mission. The fathers were responsible for running the mission and instructing the new followers and children in the catholic faith. Most of the men went to the fields to tend crops or help with the animals while the women weaved cloth, made clothes, and tended the vegetable gardens.
San Luis Rey
Women gathered seeds, grasses, and berries to eat. They prepared and cooked their families meals. Acorns were a staple of the Luiseno diet. They were used to make a kind of soup and to make breads. They knocked acorns down from oak tree branches with large sticks and gathered them in baskets. After the acorns were collected, they laid them out to dry in the sun. Acorns have a bitter acid in them, so they cound not be eaten right away. To make the acorns good to eat women grounded them with two stones called mortar and pestle. Then they poured boiling water over the crushed acorns 10 times. This removed the acid making the acorns ready for cooking.
San Luis Rey
Daily Schedule
Everyday there was something that had to be done. The moms stayed home and made clothes, weaved cloth, and gathered items to cook. While the men hunted fish for dinner and the little boys helped their dads catch fish and the little girls stayed home and helped their moms weave cloth, make clothes, and gather food items. They did this sequence every single day.
San Luis Rey
People at the mission San Luis Rey de Francia were catholics so they believed in God and Jesus. They went inside church every day and celebrated every catholic holiday.
San Luis Rey
Problems and Challenges
San Luis Rey was secularized in 1834, and the buildings were stripped and abandoned in subsequent years. In 1846 some of the building were occupied by the US Army during the Mexican American War. The famous Indian scout, Kit Carson was with the army detachment encamped at the mission. Even though San Luis Rey returned to the church in 1865, the mission was abandoned from 1865-1892. During this time the quadrangle collapsed and portions of the church caved in.
San Luis Rey
Current Events
There are events going on with couples and families. San Luis Rey also supports March for Life and is a church on Sundays. So catholic events still happen at the church.
San Luis Rey
The people of San Luis Rey lived an interesting life at the mission. They hunted for food, made their own clothing, and had strong religious beliefs in the catholic faith. Each person had specific jobs and responsibilities to make their way of life possible. They truely worked as a community.
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