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Social Media for Teachers

This is an overview of social media sites for teachers and pre-service teachers that can be used to support professional networking and to build an online professional image.

Rebecca Vivian

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Social Media for Teachers

Search for local teacher network groups. For example:

Teachers of Adelaide
" (4,100+ members)

Sharing resources; seeking help ("Hey everyone! I'm looking for ideas for...); notifying one another about upcoming local and online courses; sharing lesson plans; looking for work.

Free Teacher/ Education PD
" (9,300+ members)
Teachers sharing local, national and online free PD.

DECD Early Career Teachers
(4,300+ followers)

* Be mindful of your profile picture and cover image and the information you share publicly on your profile: Is it professional? Would you want colleagues or a boss to see your Facebook profile?

Add to Circles
Discover communities - teaching communities, topics that you are interested in, topics that align with your education expertise.

Host Google Hangouts, engage and join in Hangouts On Air about Education topics.

Google+ Communities
Blog or Subscribe
Subscribe to education blogs
to receive email updates when new content is posted.

Some of the education blogs are an excellent source for lesson ideas, the latest tools and resources as well as pedagogy.

Create your own blog and share your experience: reflect on your own teaching practice and lesson ideas.

Teach.com have a list of the top 100 Education Blogs for you to peruse: http://teach.com/teach100

Don't reveal any information that could identify your students or compromise the professional reputation of yourself or your school.

Free Technology for Teachers
Education Blogs
Educators and organisations are all tweeting photos, links, videos, news, and experiences!

Tweet about your teaching ideas & positive experience. "Re-tweet" & "Favourite" interesting & useful tweets.

: Find educational leaders, teachers & active educational bloggers to follow.

Search hastags! ####

edutopia has provided a resource for Educators here: http://goo.gl/r8HVns
Social Media for Teachers
Professional Networking & Development
Search videos about topics that you are teaching to gain some ideas for learning activities.

Create your own content to showcase your expertise and receive feedback.

Incorporate video content into lessons (if applicable). Engage and provide feedback to fellow teachers.

Also see:
TED Talks
Khan Academy
Scootle Community
Scootle is for Australian teachers and pre-service teachers. Scootle gives access to a wide range of digital curriculum resources and teacher networks. Over 140, 000 Australian teachers are currently using Scootle Community.

Follow & Pin
Educators are pinning ideas and inspiration for lesson plans and learning activities.

Pinterest can be an excellent way for you to "bookmark" websites, note your lesson ideas and resources.
Create or join your own cohort group - to share resources and support during placements and continue professional networks when you graduate.

Be clear on group expectations and the purpose (to avoid spamming; to ensure those who join are like minded).

See if a Lecturer will share the group among your cohort so that everyone has an opportunity to be connected.

Create or Join Your Own Groups

Example EdTweeters by @EduSum
Check out:
"Mystery location calls"
"Google Hangouts in Education"
"Google Apps for Education"
"Google for Education"

Also, search hashtags.
Share and view images, links, videos, text and other content.
A general Google Search

See examples:
Digital Technologies Education:

Appolo Learning:

Search and create "networks" and "events" in Scootle that interest you.
When potential employers search for you on the Internet - make sure they find out who you are in a professional sense!

Create your professional online resume with LinkedIn.

Connect with people who you meet related to your professional journey.

Join Professional LinkedIn groups, to share content related to your area of expertise and professional interests.
Image via Glogster EDU on Pinterest
Challenge - Building your "online professional presence":

What can you find when you Google yourself?
Is this the image that you would like to present to your prospective employers or students?
How can you harness the social media presented to develop a professional teacher identity online and showcase your expertise, experience and professional interests?


TeachMeets are meetings/un-conferences where teachers share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology. All participants are encouraged to be ready to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.

The TeachMeet mission is to provide ongoing, relevant and engaging opportunities for teachers to share their ideas and grow their professional learning network.

There are Teach Meets occurring all around Australia. To find out more about Teach Meets, have a look at the website:


You can search Teach Meets in your local areas or those available online.
What does your online presence say about yourself?

What profiles would you like public and private?

What are your professional boundaries?

What kind of professional image do you want to portray?
Interests, passions, expertise
Community engagement
Activity online

Who do you want and need to be connected with?

Google Yourself!
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