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Codeine effects on Society!

No description

Adam B

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Codeine effects on Society!

Learn how to avoid addiction. Be smart.
Codeine and its Effect on Society
Thank you for your time.
Codeine effects on Society
Know the Risks!
Codeine is a powerful opioid narcotic medication that is frequently prescribed to treat severe cough and pain. It may be prescribed after dental work, a broken bone or other common injuries. Codeine provides almost instant relief of pain, but it is incredibly addictive. As of 2006, 5.2 million Americans abused such prescription painkillers.
Inpatient treatment is expensive, and even the most basic outpatient codeine rehab facilities can be costly. Estimates show that drug abuse costs United States taxpayers more than $600 billion each year.

If Codeine is mixed with alcohol, the chance of death is drastically increased, as it works with the alcohol to actually depress your system, causing your breathing to come to a halt.
Codeine can be habit-forming. In other words, physical dependence can develop, meaning: if the body adapts to the presence of codeine, withdrawal symptoms may occur if use is reduced suddenly.

Tolerance may develop meaning that higher doses of codeine are needed to get the same effects. Physical dependence is not the same as addiction; people can become addicted to codeine as well.

Addiction is defined as compulsive (and often uncontrollable) drug use in spite of negative consequences.

Know the Difference!
Thursday February 12, 2014
Vol 1
Rappers & Musicians plus Interesting facts.
What is Codeine

Recently brought to light by Rappers and Musicians, codeine is a sleep-inducing and analgesic drug derived from morphine.

Codeine usage has spiked tremendously in the Teenage population.

Codeine abuse cost americans over 4848 billion annually in healthcare costs, lost jobs, crime, lost job wages, traffic accidents, and criminal justice system costs.

Two-thirds of people who abuse prescription drugs were sexually abused as children.

Codeine and its array of effects
The CDC reports that there were 36,450 reported deaths due to codeine overdose in 2008 alone.
Adam Bouhmad
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