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Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 11

No description

Kevin Finisterre

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 11

This time we are doing the TX wizard also
Obviously you don't have to re-shrink your parts...
Connect up all your parts, do you remember how?
Double check all Devo settings before doing TX wiz
Start with a new model?
Verify your mode! (mode 1 vs. mode 2? *hint* use 2)
Verify your mixer settings! (is the src setting sane?)
Set failsafe! (should NOT say off)
Double check with the "Channel Monitor"
Learn to Bind to receiver
Verify failsafe... throttle up, turn power off
Redo The Last Lab...
Don't be a Cowboy... no Leeroy Jenkins please!
YES you can choose skim or NOT to read provided instructions...
YES you can allow me to hold your hand the whole time...
You CAN also READ with your own eyes!
Stop and think! It IS Ok to 2nd guess yourself, ask for help!
Try to understand the changes you are making and why
If you are unsure ASK or follow the directions as written
"If you are unsure... just leave the default" (stated twice in wizard)
"Swap any 2 motor wires to change the direction..." (written clearly)
Must develop sense of self teaching - become an autodidact
Common questions: You are using PWM input, Your ESCs are Turbo, Yes the numbers in the picture correspond to numbers on the Atom. Yes the + and - pins are labeled on the outputs, NO do NOT plug battery straight into Atom. Do NOT plug in offset pins.
Remember... ground is usually on the edge. (see RX photo)
Quick Reminder...
Must bind your TX and RX
Fixed ID (Devo proto) or bind every startup?
Use the "clear" button on the receiver
Store your ID after bind (will say 'none' until you do)
Complete the wizard. Skip channels you don't have
Be sure to use 'Plane' not 'Heli' model
Check the output tab when done
Verify Flight modes
Verify Arming setting
Test Arming. (Turn up speakers)
There should be NO props in sight...
Do the motors spin on throttle up?
Bind and Config...
What does the documentation say?
Make sure you examine your model.ini settings
Check the "Stick Input" in the "Channel Monitor" screen
"Clear" your bind setup after Failsafe settings sorted (rebind)
Try it out... you can do this without your Atom
Just plug an ESC straight into the RX601 (throttle channel)
Don't be like me... or many others before you! (FlyAwayClub)
Flat out bone head move... Switched from Spektrum to Devo
Different failsafe types, I was in a hurry, didn't double check.
Range test... take ESC, batt, receiver & motor
Throttle up, walk out of the class room.
Keep going until RX light blinks indicating a dropout
Did your failsafe work? Double check with Atom hooked up
Do NOT Leroy Jenkins this... understand it. Take your time
Motor should stop
Tripple check the Failsafe
with Kevin Finisterre of Pillar Technology
Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 11
"Dream drone" home work emailed to me today
How are your Fab Lab projects?
In anyone here willing to take on making a 3d printable Arion to send to Fab Lab? ($$ loot? anyone left? )
I've put in the order via CNCMadness
McMasterCar will be next.
Ordered your LiPo chargers yet?
Get a checker while you are at it.
Homework & Group update, etc.
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