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The Team !

No description

Reanne Wakefield

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Team !

Mallorca Rocks!
The Itinerary!
Guillain Barre Syndrome
Candice Marie Roberts Foundation
The Team !
Being dropped off at the air port by Mrs. Wakefield
Machester airport departing - 14thApril 2014 06;25am
Mallorca (Palma) airport arriving -14thApril 2014 10:05am
Arrive and get the Bus to our accommodation (Esporles), we will then venture to our first Crag (sa gubia) for the day (125 climbs, multipitch and single). We will then return to the accommodation for the evening..
We will be re visiting the same crag as there are many climbs that we could complete ranging from grade 4-7. We will be spending the whole day there and then returning to the accommodation in the evening.

We will then travel to fraguel crag for yet another day of climbing
We will re-pack ready for our flight home, we will then go for our last crag day at Fraguel. We will then relax for the evening and get the bus to the air port
Mallorca (Palma) airport departing - 19thApril 2014 23:25pm
Liverpool airport Ariving- 20thApril 2014 01:05am
Being picked up by Mrs. Wakefield

Favourite colour:Blue
Role:Story Teller
Quote: " oops I broke my spleen "
Favourite colour:Purple
Role: Cunning Linguist
Quote: "Hola mi llamo Jack"
Name: Kieran
Favourite colour:Blue
Role: Bringing the energy
Quote: "I have no idea"
Name: Phil
Favourite colour: Blue
Role: Bringing the looks and the charm
Quote: " I wear my girlfriends socks"
Name: Reanne
Favourite colour: Purple
Role: Bringing a feminine touch
Quote: "Oh no dropped all my thun thun thun thuns"
To climb at least 300 meters combined a day.

To push our grades to a point of sensibility.
(Eg. If we climb at a 6A to push our personal boundaries to at least be climbing 6Bs or further depending on comfort zones.

While on this expedition we will be fund raising to help raise awareness of Guillian barres syndrome via facebook and justgiving.com,

To raise money and awareness for Guillain Barre Syndrome. Candice was from Warrington, in August of 2010 she passed away from Guillain Barre Syndrome on her 26th birthday. At first she was admitted to hospital with a mystery stomach illness, it took over a week to diagnose Guillain Barre, a horribly debilitating syndrome. It’s a rare condition, affecting only around 1 in 100,000, and it’s rare for anyone affected by it to die from it. The syndrome is so rare that it’s not even well known amongst the medical profession. So most of the money raised is to be spent on training days on Guillain Barre for Doctors and nurses.
This condition of the peripheral nervous system. It occurs when the body's immune system attacks part of the nervous system. The exact cause of Guillain-Barré syndrome is unknown. However, most people (around 60%) develop the condition shortly after having a viral or bacterial infection. It is thought infection may trigger the immune system to attack nerve roots and peripheral nerves.
Risk Management
The Accounts

Environmental Consideration
To plan and complete an adventurous expedition that will provide a medium to develop within our chosen activity, alongside raising awareness and funds for charity.
Plan B
Land in Palma 10.05am, quick food shop and drop our bags at Esporles and go climbing at Sa Gubia crag for the day.

less that 2 hour walk to Sa Gubia crag climbing and returning to Esporles.

one and half hour bus to Inca one and half hour walk to the crag climb all day. Two hour walk to the monastary for the the evening,

Rest day exploring the monastary and the beach.

Two hour walk to the crag for a days climb and back to the monastary in the evening.

Three hour walk to crag climbing, two and half walk to Soller for a one and half hour bus to the air port.
arriving back in England at 1.05am
The Plan
Our team will be embarking on a 6-day, sport-climbing expedition in mid-April 2014, with the rationale of raising money for a charity that has both influenced the lives of members within the group, and raised awareness as well as quality of treatment for Guillain Barre Syndrome.

The location for this charitable, developmental and adventurously themed journey will be on the Island of Mallorca, the largest landmass within the Spanish Balearic Islands Archipelago
Primary Plan
Plan B
We are going to operate within an environmental code of practice in order to minimise environmental impact of the expedition
Code of Practic
The entire expedition shows respect in a conserving manner, and operates with strict consideration to ethical codes of good environmental practice, while avoiding aggravating anthropogenic impacts on the on the island of Mallorca
Minimising Impact
-Walking where possible
-Use established approaches
-Cross referenced climbing dates with nesting dates
-Avoid disturbing ecological systems
-Display correct climbing etiquette
-Drinking fresh running water
where possible.
-Foster general 'good practice''

Balearic Group of Ornithology & Defense of Nature (GOB)
The objectives of this movement are to conserve, disseminate, and study the environment of the Balearic Islands.

They have an online 'conflict map' that displays the current sources/issues that are impacting Mallorca's environment, as well as conservation/protected areas.

We will be taking into consideration the information displayed, and act/plan accordingly. Also any issues or findings will be reported the GOB
-Daily evening check-ins with Dr Millward (Kieran's mummy).

-Message to Paul on arrival on the 14th April, and upon reaching England on the morning of the 20th
-Wi-Fi access at all possible accommodation
-Every member of the team will carry a smartphone (which can be used in the case of an emergency.

-Dom will carrying a mobile phone that has local coverage (in case of logistical issues etc).
Locations for The British Embassy, Police stations, Hospitals, Mountain Rescue bases, and Fire stations have been researched. As well as recording the numbers for the different emergency services.
Police Stations
There are two mountain rescue providers. One is the local fire service the 'Bombers del Consell de Mallorca', and the second rescue provision comes from the local/rural police force, the 'Guardia Civil'. Both services are currently free of charge, but travel insurance is recommended.
Specialist activity/climbing/adventure travel insurance will be purchased.
A check-in system has been established with a point of contact (Kieran's mum), as well as a failed communications plan.
Any injuries/health conditions will be taken into consideration.
PPE will be worn
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