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Foot Binding

No description

E Cannon

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Foot Binding

Emily Cannon What is Foot Binding?
Foot binding is an ancient Chinese custom.
It is forming the bones and flesh of a young firls foot in the shape of a
"Lotus Flower".
The process starts when the girls are three years old up to the age of 10.
The desired length a girl should have is 10cm.

What is the process?
The feet are bound by long lengths of white cloth that cant stretch.
The cloth is wrapped around the ankle making its way down the foot and wrapped around the four smaller toes.
The smaller toes are bent under the arch and under the heel breaking the toes.
The toes become colser and closer to the arch because of the pressure and stay curled permanently.
The foots circulation would often get cut off which would damage the
growth of the foot.

chinese-custom-foot-binding.html Advantages of having a bound foot:
a symbol of virtue and identity.
achieved womanhood.
getting an advantage on a wealthy marriage.
men found it attractive.

one in ten women would die from a serious infection.
sometimes they have to amputate their feet or legs.
change their bandages once a week and cut their toe nails regularly.
girls would run away, loose sleep and often get beaten if they didn't bind their feet. Foot Binding Why did foot binding start?
There are legend and historical reasons as to why foot binding

Legend has said origins of foot binding go back to the Shang Dynasty (1700-1027 B.C).
The Shang Empress Taki had a clubfoot (deformed foot that is twisted so the sole can't be placed flat on the ground).
She felt ashamed for having a clubfoot and was jealous of the women in her court.
She ordered the women in the court to bind their feet and made it compulsory.

Historical records from the Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D) show it started during the region of Li Yu.
He ruled one region between 961-975 A.D.
Yao Ning, a dancer, bound her feet so they looked like new moons.
Li Yu fell for her bound feet and it started from then.

www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=8966942 Mother and Daughter relationship.

The realtionship between a mother and daughter is close.
Mothers taught their daughter how to bind feet, change bandanges and cleanse the wounds.
This is in preparation for the daughter to show it to her daughter.
Mothers also taught their daughter how to act like a woman and be a good wife in the future.

prezi.com/m34qbtviybtw/foot-binding/ What Happens if they didn't bind their feet?

without bound feet:
impossible to find a husband.
commonly viewed as a "Freak of Nature".
considered offensive in a sexual way.
looked at as rude and a village ridicule.
sometimes sold into slavery.

www.josephrupp.com/history/html When did foot binding end and why?

In 1911 it become banned when the revolution of Sun Yat-Sen was happening.
It became illegal in 1949.

relised it was barbaric for foreigners to look at.
people argued it weakened the nation.
it caused women to suffer.
China was losing face.
Education Campaigners explained the advantages of unbound feet and the disadvantages of bound feet.
Women formed natural-foot societies.
Told their daughters not to bind their feet and their sons not to marry woman with bound feet.

www.circumstitions.com/Foot.html www.ispub.com/journal/the-internet-journal-of-biological-anthropology/volume-1-number-2/foot-binding-beauty-and torture.html#DOEtBI3E.dpbs
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