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Copy of Plot Mountain (diagram)

This short presentation will take you through the 5 main parts of a plot diagram. Each part will be explained with more details showing how it adds to a great story!

Sarah Bogard

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Mountain (diagram)

Plot Diagram
1. Exposition
Rising Action
Falling Action
Introduces Setting, Characters and Situation

- the place, time and mood in which a story takes place
- readers are introduced to the main characters of the story
- readers know a bit about what is happening in the characters' lives
a series of events (conflicts) that lead to the highest point of action in a story. This is always the longest portion of the novel/story/film.
the highest point of action in a story...the edge of your seat feeling
events in the story that happen as a result of the climax
part of the story where the problem is "solved"...the happily or unhappily ever after.
2. initial incident
the first conflict of the story...
Setting = Shrek's Swamp
Main Character = Shrek a Cranky Ogre
Situation = He likes living alone in his dirty, disgusting swamp.
The evil Lord Farquad orders that all Fairytale Creatures move to the swamp...Shrek's quiet, isolated swamp.
the Magic Mirror tell Farquad about three unmarried princesses...he wants to marry one so he can become a "Reall King."
Shrek travels to Duloc to get his swamp back...but end up competing against other men. His prize? He gets to go rescue the Princess from the tower...and then he gets his swamp back.
Shrek, Fiona and Donkey Travel back to Dulac and realize they have a lot in common.
Donkey learns that Fiona turns into an orge at night. Shrek overheard Fiona say that no one can love "an ugly beast." Shrek thinks she is talking about him...really she is talking about herself.
Shrek and donkey watch the stars as Fiona sleeps. He admits that he is sad because everyone judges him before they get to know him.
Shrek goes to get Farquad so Farquad can bring Fiona back to Dulac himself.
Donkey tells shrek that he should try to get Fiona to love him instead of marry Farquad...
Fiona turns into an ogre in front of everyone while she waits for her wedding to begin...Shrek understands what she said earlier.
Fiona and Shrek Kiss and she becomes an ogre forever.
...And they all lived happily ever after.
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