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No description

Aline Loges

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Wilderness

Double click anywhere & add an idea the wilderness ams 4804 starring: aline loges aline loges zach pettigrew faith jacobson
Warning: This story in entirely fictitious... ...however, it is based on true events Aww, yeah! This song goes out to all those pioneers out there... All the homies in the wilderness All you wilderness creatures beware Here comes a wildaness gangsta that just don't care Don't mess with me if you a racoon or a deer I'm strong, in control, I'm the awesomest pioneer I can eat raw meat,
I can build you a home you wanna get with me cuz I'm a wild gangsta that does it all alone
I'll start a fire in yo cabin and roast ya a duck I'm independant, strong. I never rely on luck national parks and recyclin's fo fools
I kill endangered species n use their bones for tools What...what? ya got a problem with that?! you betta watchya mouth or I'll eat... Your cat!! I don't care for global warming or news I just hunt bald eagles and turn them into shoes I don't care for poetry, philosophy or studyin' French I'm just tryin' to survive,
haven't bathed in weeks
so be wary of my stench That's right, what's up? I don't brush my teeth or comb my hair You want traffic, buildings and schools? I'd rather wrestle a bear! You civilized people,
Whatcha lookin' at? You think you're better than me?
You better watchya back! You better not judge, you better beware! cuz I'm friends with sasquatch and that crazy fool ate Smoky the bear My ways may be crude,
it may not seem fair... But I'm just tryin' to get by,
In the wilderness, survival is my only care So go back to your books,
sandals, hybrids and tea I'll stand here alone and carve a woman from a tree! You like zoos and nature programming? Well here in the gangsta wildaness, pioneers are king! Im a conquerer and have dominion over all When you're done with your boring life why dontcha give me a call? My way of life might seem odd
It may seem queer... But you avoid my gangsta wildaness only out of fear If there's one thing you should know
if there's one thing that is clear it's that you don't wanna mess with this gangsta pioneer! Shawtay! Oh Snap, get ya saddles ready! It's about to go down! Everybody in the barn better hit the freakin trail! But Stay on your horse!
We're riding
Let's GOOOOOooo! I'm On a horse Everybody look at me
Cuz I'm Riding on a horse! Im on a horse AMS 4804 Ridin' through the wilderness for my AmS course! Im on a horse riding on take a look at me Straight ridin' through the Tangl-y CREEPY trees Trees Bustin' horsepower Ponys stayin' right on course You can't stop me if you try cuz I'm on a horse I see the branches twist... I'm on a horse FOOL! The woods are super dark so that its kinda cool I got my shades on And my thinking cap Thinking!!! The awesome darkness of the woods makes me wanna rap! I'm ridin' on a horse tryin'a trot and stuff Best be careful, the terrain is gettin' kinda rough This ain't yo mama's house! This is The wilderness! THere's a beauty in the grotesque and the darkness I'm on a horse and I'm in the woods and I'm beginin' to feel a lot like Darw'an If you can't understand, best get outa this class! I see the circle of life:
a dead bird in the grass Forget Romantic! This is gothic, son! Forget pioneering This is Gothic, fool I'm on a horse with my homies in the wild! Lookin' at all the sights with a gothic style! Hey Sara, if you could see me now Relating all my readings to the way how I see beauty in the dark of the wilderness I'd never see it as anything less Never thought I'd be on a horse For my American wilderness course AMS 4804 Look at me! Never Thought I'd see the way Melville looked at a tortoise that day Believe me when I say: I like the color gray! I'M ON A HORSE!!! Thoreau-oh-oh-oh Thoreau-oh-oh-oh Thoreau-oh-oh-oh Wilderness romance I like the solitude, I like all the light Basically everything that's in sight
Here in the woods,
woods, woods, woods
I like the woods Just like Thoreau, I feel so sublime Noticing everything that is so divine
Here in the woods
woods, woods, woods
I like the woods I feel transcendental... So much that I'm mental THe beauty of the wilderness makes me feel romance The emerald greens make me want to dance
In this wilderness romance Scared, yet in awe I risked my whole life and I took a chance
To have this wilderness romance All you wilderness creatures beware Sh-shawtay
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