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21st Century Learning Conference 2013

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Transcript of 21st Century Learning Conference 2013

Digital Games in
Language Learning and Teaching “My words junior plus” is an vocabulary learning game in which students can learn the definition, pronunciation and spelling of words in any languages. It is co-developed with an English professor at HKUST and the original version was funded under EDB's English enhancement scheme. a revision and consolidation tool in teaching and learning English vocabulary in the classroom My Words Junior Plus research project
4-month case study
1 local primary school
2 English teachers and 51 students
waiting for more data Dictation 1-4 (first phase):
the control period, the teachers teach the vocabulary and give dictation to the students without any help from the e-learning tool

Dictation 5-8 (second phase):
the teachers introduced My words junior plus to the students in class and let them play the game with a specific set of vocabulary before dictation Through interesting minigames, students can acquire a large variety of new words, challenge each other and share what they’ve learnt with their classmates. They can also revise the unlocked vocabularies anytime. Product features:
Large inventory of over 2,700 pre-set EDB suggested vocabulary in 24 categories
Combining gaming elements with learning
VS mode encourage learning among friends/classmates
Personalizable vocabulary list for teachers
Teachers can adjust teaching by evaluating student results P4 students from 2 classes (4A & 4B)

Average improvement from phase 1 to phase 2:
Class 4A: 68%
Class 4B: 8.3%

Class 4A
individually improvement with full mark 50
4 --> 29 (619% improvement)
3.5 --> 20.5 (486% improvement)
17.5 --> 42.25 (145% improvement)

Class 4B
dictation 1-4: 22 students fail
dictation 5-8: 15 students fail Teachers can add/edit the vocabulary list easily with the online admin page. They can also review the students’ results, data and history from the platform database. Students’ performances can thus be evaluated at once. THANK YOU! frankie@fifthwisdom.com www.fifthwisdom.com facebook.com/fifthwisdom 家姐 家姐 half a billion

play digital games at least
an hour a day 3 billion hours a week

as a planet playing digital games 99% of boys under 18
94% of girls under 18

play digital games regularly 10,000 hours of gaming by 21

(24 hours less than the
all of secondary school) 5 million gamers in the U.S.

spend more than 40 hours a week playing games -- the equivalent of a full time job! Digital
Learning? 2012 - Horizon K12 Report predicted trends for mobile devices/apps and game-based learning to play a significant role in learning over the new few years 2011 - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
will invest $20 million into game-based learning 2010,2011,2012 - Learning and Teaching Expo

HK Education City incorporated game-based learning as one of the main themes of the expo Educate to Innovate Campaign US National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Video Game Challenge
- tapping into students’ natural passions for playing and making video games It’s effective because… Students love it!
Familar n Engaging On a mission the use of
‘mission’ and ‘quest’ based learning 21st century workplace skills encourages
independent thinking, mission and quest-based tasking,
problem solving, communication and collaboration skills Gamify Life! 21st Century Learning
Conference 2013
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