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Social Media Strategy Recommendation

No description

Denisa Karfikova

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy Recommendation

Social Media Strategy Recommendation

About our social media strategy
Good start, but without consistency it will not work
In order to have any influence and ROI we need to be consistent = very time consuming
I can handle the social media outlets and the website while marketing manager will overview and approve my actions and thus he could more focus on project management

What if we do nothing?
The social media and digital visibility will stay in the current stage
Our competitor
How to better position CSC BD&A?
The current situation
The desired state
Cross functional team that develops strategy, implements tactics and manages social media.
Listen to our audience - it will provide us a guide to where and how to be socially active. It requires active social engagement, discussions, comments, retweets etc.
Better analytics of our audience
Better analytics of our efforts and detailed metrics
Act as a person, not as a robot
Staffing suggestion
New strategies
Build an organic social plan
Improve SEO
Social sharing buttons implementation
Define what it's used for - awareness, sales, loyalty, retention?
Set metrics that measure the effectiveness and ROI
Analyze the audience
Big Data vision "motto" (e.g. CSC, your big data solution)
Have a channel plan
Challenges and opportunities
consistency - it's time consuming
unique content
engagement to spread word of mouth
increase member base
become a relevant player in big data zone as a thought leader
increase ROI, SEO and awareness
Identify the problem
Small community base (followers, group members etc.)
Non-existent social outlets except Twitter and LinkedIn
No analytics or known identity of our audience
No unique content
Struggle with consistency
Explain what success will bring
SEO improvements -> increased recognition
Increased social engagement -> brand establishment -> thought leader in the business
Increased recognition -> established social network -> better reputation management
referrals from social networks -> sales leads/find leads
Action Plan
Show how influential we currently are
How problems can be resolved
Optimize SEO (e.g. blog on WSJ)
Link social media accounts and promote content across the platforms
Engage in discussions, use proper key words, get the buzz from our audience
Mentions from others will improve our influence better than direct active promotion
Page Rank
Social media impression
Web influence
What are competitors talking about?
What's happening in our industry this week?
What are people saying about our brand?
What blogs are publishing articles on the topics that matter most to our audience?
Twitter - real time sharing industry news, quick response/engagement
LinkedIn - position ourselves as a thought leader
Blog - content hub, part of website and key driver of SEO
Facebook - communication among community, personalization of the brand
Marketing Manager
Chief of the content
own story of the business
content final approval
web/creative approval
Managing Editor
Content creation
Audience development/influence's relations
Current situation
As demonstrated throughout the presentation, additional help to the marketing team would benefit the results and digital impact of the BD&A online
Suggestion how the situation could be handled
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Denisa could be assigned and be accountable for social media/digital presence for the rest of the fiscal year while staying at current role (Exec. Assist.)
Officially transfer to marketing team in the new fiscal year
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