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Tech Comp

No description

Josh Schu

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Tech Comp

ebooks Here's where I'm going to rely
on all of you to take notes

I'll be discussing the Kindle and tablet ebook download process The Browser The Untangled Web The browser has many built-in functions, but what do they mean to you and the patron? Here's what we're going to cover today. The Address Bar Cloud/Collaboration Tools & Plug-ins Google is the service that most people are familiar with. The program that is being used for this presentation is a collaborative online presentation tool. You've Found What you're Looking For, Now What? Once you're on a page, there's so much you can do email! Outlook or not to Outlook?
The parts of it
Is it secure?
Change Text Size
The Find Function
New Tabs/Windows
Saving Items Cloud and Collaboration Tools
email attachments
Online Photo Editing
Browser Plug-ins
Web-Based There are many parts of the address bar and they change depending what site you're on and what you're currently doing. For instance, when you're on a secure site, you will see this... ...and this You can also conduct a web search directly from the address bar; just type the search and hit enter! You can stop a page that isn't loading... ...or you can refresh a page to bring up new content. domain site designation subdomain Increase the text size with any of these methods:
View -> Zoom -> (Choose Percent)
Press and hold Ctrl and press +
Press and hold Ctrl and scroll up and down with the mouse To search within the page for specific words or phrases:
Edit -> Find on this page...
Press Ctrl + F and type the word(s) You could just click a link or you could...
Right click to
Open in new window
Open in new tab
Copy Shortcut
Middle click to
Open in new tab while continuing to browse your current tab Save an image, document, or video:
Right click the document link or image and select "Save as" or for videos "Save target as" Google offers a suite of collaboration tools:
Online Forms What's the big deal with online collaboration/cloud tools?
Multiple parties can view and edit documents simultaneously, increasing productivity and active idea sharing
There are no "local" files, projects are accessible on multiple platforms and available wherever there is an internet connection Online Photo Editing Tools
There are numerous photo storage sites and many editing sites. Most are free and readily available to the public and offer basic editing capabilities (flickr, snapfish, photobucket)
Some offer expansive capabilities for those who need to do more when they're on the go (sumopaint or spashup ) Browser Plugins Java
Flash Outlook is a wonderfully powerful email and calendar software. It works quite well with the web client, however, the main software should NOT be used on public computers! A registered version of this program saves emails, appointments, tasks, shared calendars, etc. When on a public computer, encourage the use of secure web email clients such as hotmail, aol, yahoo, gmail or Outlook Web Access (OWA) And how do I attach an item to my message? Look for the paperclip in your message, browse for the file and click open Kindle ebook users will need the following:
Kindle/Kindle App
Amazon account
FCL Library Card
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