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Migration to Australia

No description

Cassiandra Hall

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Migration to Australia

Migration to Australia
Our Key Questions
When and Why people migrate?
! = From convicts to the present day
Who migrated?
TASK: Using the websites below, choose two people to study in depth and document
1. Name
2. Where they came from and when
3. Why they came to Australia
4. How they found life here
Views on migration
! = Type 'migration' into the search box. Orange lines will appear on the timeline, this means there is an important fact in that year.
Who migrated?
Why did people migrate to Australia?
When did people migrate?
! = Interactive
! = Stories in text format
! = created in the 1950
! = Video
Views on migration over time
! = Look for other videos titled 'We were Refugees
TASK 1: Using the information from the website below create a timeline of migration to Australia
TASK 2: Make a list of the reasons why people have migrated to Australia, present it however you choose .
TASK: Using The Six Thinking Hats present past views on migrations. Be sure to explain if the view were negative or positive
! = more in-depth information
! = starting before the convicts
Recording research
1. Word document (saved to classroom folder)
2. Class blog
3. Somewhere else? (come and suggest something!)
Describe the difference between the journey by boat and plane.
How do you think a child would feel boarding a boat to go to another country?
Why are people waiting outside the immigration office?
Look at the picture and answer the questions (use the knowledge from your research, record however you like)
Find two countries that are from each of the regions listed.
Make a graph of the largest foreign-born groups in Australia as of 2013 (guess). Explain your reasoning.
Going further?
What else there to find out?
Is there something you want to learn more about?
We have looked at the history of migration. What about the future?
Assessment time!
You are to create an autobiography of a migrant (Presentation is your choice, check with me!). It needs to include:
1. Country they came from and why
2. When the came to Australia
3. How they came to Australia
4. What was Australia like for them?
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