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Are bees useful?

No description

silvestre Aguero

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Are bees useful?

Queen bee
Jobs for Bees
Queen- Lay eggs
Drones-They are LAZY and do almost nothing
Workers- They do the most for the hive. They get pollen, guard the hive, and even make honey.
How bees affect humans
They make 1/3 of our food such as corn and blueberries
these bees also pollinate our crops that we plant
They also feed our animals that we eat or use for dairy products such as milk and cheese
The Waggle
basically what the waggle is a dance that the bees use to talk to each other to tell others where the pollen is to make honey
They dance in a shape that looks like an 8
How do bees make this tasteful thing called honey?
visit flowers and gather nectar
they then bring it to the hive
the bees then put the nectar in a comb and cover it up with wax
a couple days later the honey will be ready to eat
What did the boy bee say to the girl bee?
Hello Honey!
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