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Recursion and Linear Functions

No description

canton high

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Recursion and Linear Functions

Carley Bourquin
Cristina Hernandez Recursion and Linear Functions #6. How much does Coen earn if he sells 100 magazine subscriptions? Which rule did you use and why? y=100x+20
I chose this rule because it is easier to calculate your profit. And this is an easier rule to understand. #7. Coen is trying to earn enough money to buy a new MP3 player. He needs $225 to cover the cost and tax on the MP3 player. How many magazine subscriptions does Coen need to sell to buy his new MP3 player? Justify your answer. Which rule did you use and why? y=ax+20
-20 -20
a=137 #8. Your phone service allows you to add international long distance to your phone. The cost is a $5 flat fee each month and $.03 a minute for calls made. write a recursive rule describing your monthly cost for international calls. Then write a function rule for the (n) minutes of calls made in a month. He has to sell 137 subscriptions and that would give him $225.50. I chose the y=ax+b. This rules easier o calculate and to find your answer. #9. How are recursive rules different from explicit function rules for modeling linear data? How are they the same? When are recursive rules more useful than function rules? When are function rules more useful? - recursive rules are a longer process. Also the slope is the flat fee, where as in a linear function its the y-intercept.
- they both use the same data.
- when filling out a table or finding a pattern.
- when answering questions or needing to find larger numbers or sums. #10. Think of a situation that can be described by a linear function. Model the situation using a recursive rule and a function rule. Write a question that is better answered using the recursive rule and give the solution. If you sell five yards of fabric for $10 and then charge $.50 for any additional yard, how much would it cost for ten yards? y=mx+b
m=#of yards
x=$.50 additional fabric
b= $10 for 5 yards
My= Mf+.50
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