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My Greatest Hits Trinity Booth

No description

Trinity Booth

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of My Greatest Hits Trinity Booth

My Greatest Hits By Trinity Booth I was running in Toysrus, when I hit the top of my head on the side of the the metal rack. I was bleeding, and was sent to hospital and I had it glued. The scab was a huge, from about the middle of my forhead to about 2 inches across. My Greatest Injury I remeber when my nan told me I had a little brother, She took me down to the hospital I was so excited. I was almost 2 years old so I could not speak very well. When I entered the room, I walked straight up to my little brother James, he was so cute and small and it was lovely to see my mum and dad as I hadn't seen them since the night before. They took my mum and James to the main ward and apparently I started crying, thinking that they were going to take him away, but once my dad explained I was fine. My Greatest Introduction I started to play the piano when I was 7 years old I played on my uncle's old keyboard, until I came home after school when I was 8 and there was beautiful piano I loved it it had metrenome, music and the pedals. My Greatest Piano Me and my choir went on a ferri to Cork in Ireland. We were there for 5 days, we sang about four concerts. It was fun but tiring. the first night we did not go to sleep until six in the morning! It was a hard day! The ferri was great it had a play area, cinema, and a food court it was really fun! My Greatest Flight By Trinity Booth
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