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One Direction & 5SOS (not all of this is from us; mainly from wiki)

By: Lulu Horan, Amber Styles, and Josie Payne (not all of this is from us; mainly from wiki)

Josephine Williams-Payne

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of One Direction & 5SOS (not all of this is from us; mainly from wiki)

5S S

Life Story
Liam Payne is 1/5 the hottest out of all of the boys. Recently an accident accurerd which caused him to get a cast on his RIGHT arm (the same a mine ;). He belongs to the one and only, amazing Josie Payne. They have been together for the past 3 years and they will stay together even if that dumb girl Sophia Smith gets in the way THEY WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER!!! Ooo sorry about that. Anyways, when they got married the wedding was perfect everyone came and even Sophia came because she too shipped the newly married couple. Now let’s get into details about Liam Payne...
Harry Is the youngest member of the group. Born on February 1, 1994, Harry always knew he had a musical talent. He was in a small band called "White Eskimo" and was the lead singer. Harry worked in a bakery before he tried out for the X-factor UK. At first, Harry was going solo but then the genius Simon Cowell bought one direction in a group. The video diaries on YouTube were filmed and posted durring the X-Factor. Harry came up with the name one direction because all of the boys were going for the same thing during X-Factor. He gave the band name a meaning. After they finished X-Factor and won 3rd place, they had not many fans but they had a start. Then they created their first album "Up All Night". Their most popular song that everyone knows is "What makes you beautiful" having the most watched views at 566,401,804. They didn't know what was ahead of them but they just went with it and Harry, being the youngest, had no idea he would end up being a part of an incredibly sexy boy band.
X Factor
Liam's life story is one of my favorites, and not just because he is my favorite. I like his story because it shows how even though can go through a rough time at birth and through school that you can always come out on top and do great things, and even save lives. Liam was born on 29 August 1993. His parents are Karen and Geoff Payne, he has two older sisters, Ruth and Nicola. He is from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Born three weeks early, until the age of four, Payne had regular tests done in hospital as doctors noticed one of his kidneys wasn't working correctly. To help with the pain (get it Payne; im so funny) that he was going through, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening. Liam was involved in sports such as track. When he was bullied in secondary school, at the age of 12, he took up boxing lessons.
To be honest i couldn't be any more proud of Liam. Hes started to write songs, like you have seen from the previous album Midnight Memories. Hes been great at being a roll model for all the people who look up to him, and even when he gets hate he knows what hes getting into. Now at the age of 21 i am proud to say that he has made a success and is absolutely BRILLIAM!!
Payne first auditioned in 2008 to The X Factor'​s fifth series when he was fourteen. He made it to the judges' houses, but Simon Cowell, the most smartest person in the whole universe, thought he was not ready for the competition and asked him to come back in two years. Think about it guys if Liam didnt come back then One Direction would not be the band that i ws today. When Payne came back to the show two years later he auditioned with the song, "Cry Me a River" and blew the judges away. TAKE THAT JUDGES!!
Zayn Javaad Malik born on January, 12, 1993. Zayn had an awkward childhood being told that he couldn't sing at an early age affected how he is now. Rigt now Zayn has a "girlfriend" named Perrie Edwards. He loves graffiti and is talented in many different ways. He has many tattos symbolizing faith, love or the fun side of him. Zayn has three sisters. Safaa Malik being the youngest, Doniya Malik being the oldest, and Waliyha Malik being the second youngest. He belongs To Amber Malik and dumped Perrie for Amber.
In my eyes Louis is always the creative original fun one out of the five. He is super sweet and super hot. Even though some people don't think that which really sad because hes so amazingly attractive. He knows how to make people laugh and that is something everyone needs in life because without it life wouldn't be complete. Now lets look into Lou
Born on January,25,1996, Calum Thomas Hood is a part of ONE of the biggest boybands in the 2k's. He writes most of or all of the songs sung by 5SOS. He says if he weren't in 5SOS he would be a footballer. His favorite fruit is apples.
Life Story
Louis William Tomlinson, born Louis Troy Austin on 24 December 1991 is from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. His parents are Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin, but they split up when he was young and that is how he got the name Tomlinson, Mark Tomlinson. He has one younger half-brother and six younger half-sisters, two of whom had roles as babies in the television series Fat Friends, on which he appeared as an extra. After Fat Friends, he attended an acting school in Barnsley. He had attained small parts on an ITV drama film called If I Had You and BBC's Waterloo Road. He failed his first year of A levels at the Hayfield School and ended up going back to his previous Hall Cross and starting A levels again. He had a number of jobs, including at a Vue cinema and at Doncaster Rovers football stadium as a waiter in the hospitality suites. As a student, Playing Danny Zuko in the Hall Cross musical production of Grease motivated him to audition for The X Factor.
X Factor
Up All Night
Take Me Home
Midnight Memories
In 2010, Tomlinson auditioned for The X Factor. He failed to progress to the "Boys" category at "judges' houses" but, after a suggestion from Nicole Scherzinger, a guest judge, during the "boot camp" stage of the competition at Wembley Arena, London in July 2010, he was put together with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles to form a five-piece boy band, ONE DIRECTION, which alowed him to qualify for the "Groups" category.
But even though I am his girlfriend, i will always know that he loves you all- Josie
WOW!!! Look at him now, super sexy and all. He also writes songs with Liam Payne. But with being the oldest he has to step up sometimes and not lets others take his place. Now at 22 he still the cute adorable fun person that was 4 years ago.
One Direction
One Direction is an English-Irish pop man band that started in London. The members are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's, the most genius person in the world record label Syco Records after forming and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor, in 2010. They became instantly famous with the help of social media. One Direction's three albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012) and Midnight Memories (2013) broke records, topped charts in most major markets, and generated hit singles including "What Makes You Beautiful", "Live While We're Young" and "Story of My Life". Now with their Album that is soon to come called Four (2014), they already have a song from it called "Steal My Girl"
5 Seconds of Summer
Support 1D and 5SOS by joining both fandoms
Thank You!!!
How They Came to Be
In 2010, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson audition for The X Factor as solo acts. Sadly each one of them had failed to succeed to the "Boys" category at the "judges' houses". Then the five of them were put together to form a band during the "boot camp" stage of the competition, which allowed them to qualify for the "Groups" category. The two geniuses, Nicole Scherzinger, who was a guest judge on the show, and Simon Cowell have both claimed to have come up with the idea of forming the group. Afterward, the group got together for two weeks to get to know each other and to practice. For their qualifying song at "judges' houses", and their first song as a group, One Direction sang an acoustic version of "Torn". Simon later commented that their performance convinced him that they were "confident, fun, like a gang of friends, and kind of fearless as well." And within the first four weeks of the live shows, they were his last act in the competition. The group quickly gained popularity in the UK. One Direction finished in third place but they are famous to millions of people around the world, and are now performing in huge stadiums in their new tour “Back On the Road Again”
One Direction's first studio album, Up All Night, was released globally in early 2012. It became the UK's fastest-selling debut album of 2011, and topped the charts in sixteen countries. The album bowed atop the US Billboard 200 chart, making One Direction the first British group in US chart history to enter at number one with their debut album. They were put into the Guinness World Records as a result of their great success. Up All Night also became the first album by a boy band to sell 500,000 digital copies in the US and, by August 2012, they had sold over 3 million copies worldwide.
One Direction's second album, Take Me Home, was released in November 2012. When One Direction's hits "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing" came out they spent six months in Stockholm developing songs for their album, and were finally were able to make melodies around their tones. One Direction began recording the album in May 2012. The album's lead single, "Live While We're Young", was released in September of 2012. It reached the top ten in almost every country it charted in and recorded the highest one-week opening sales figure for a song by a non-US artist in the US. The album and its second single, "Little Things", both debuted at number one in the UK at the same time; Take Me Home sold 540,000 copies in its first week in the US and debuted atop the Billboard 200 while topping the charts in more than thirty-four other countries.
Midnight Memories was released globally on the 25th of November 2013. The album was described by the band as edgier and as having a "slightly rockier tone" than their previous efforts. "Story of My Life" was revealed as the second single of the album with each member posting a photo from their childhood. Afterwards, the cover of the single was posted on the One Direction account. The album debuted at number one in the UK and in the US, making them the first group to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 with its first three albums, and the second to reach the top after The Monkees in 1967.
5 Seconds of Summer are Luke (vocals/guitar), Mike (vocals/guitar), Ashton (vocals/drums) and Calum (vocals/bass).
The band met at school and got together on YouTube in the Western Sydney suburbs. They all have regular experiences: two of them did not finish school and they held band practice in their parents’ houses. They started to post songs on YouTube and a local fan base soon noticed them and they began to spread. Soon they started to support One Direction on their Take Me Home tour
In the meantime, 5SOS wrote and recorded their EP and debut album. The self-titled introduction album was released on June 30th, instantly topping the iTunes chart in 71 countries. It debuted at No.1 on the US Billboard Chart with the biggest first week sales of a new artist debut in 2014, and made them the first Australian act to debut at No.1 with their first full-length album. This followed the band’s first two singles She Looks So Perfect and Don’t Stop. She Looks So Perfect reached the No.1 spot on iTunes in 49 countries. The E.P. also debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 in the US, the highest debut by an Australian band since 1992. They have followed this momentum up with the singles Don’t Stop, Amnesia and new single Good Girls.
5SOS followed this by joining One Direction on their US, UK and European legs of the Where We Are Tour. Their “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” 2015-world tour is largely sold out already, starting in Europe in May.
One Direction announced the upcoming release of their fourth album on 8th September, immediately shooting it to number one in the iTunes chart in 65 countries. Titled ‘FOUR’, the new record will be released through Syco Music and Columbia Records on 17th November 2014. The first single off the album, ‘Steal My Girl’ is out now. Also listen to Fireproof.
Luke was born July 16, 1996 in Sydney, Australia and is 18 now. His parents are Andrew Hemmings and Liz Hemmings, with two siblings who are Ben and Jack Hemmings. Luke is an amazing and sweet guy who dropped out of school and decided to devote his time and effort elsewhere. In 5SOS he plays the guitar and sings vocals. He has a amazing and beautiful voice. He s 6'4 and rock the stage along with his 3 buddies, Calum, Michael, and Ashton.
Ashton Irwin was born July 7 1994 in Hornsby, Australia. His mothers name is Anne Marie Irwin and his two sibilings are Lauren and Harry Irwin. He currently is 20 years old and is living the life in the band 5SOS. girls like me swoon over this one because of his amazing looks and how he is super talented when it comes to playing the drums.
Michael Gordon Clifford was born November 20, 1995 and is the lead guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer. He attended Norwest Christian College with band members Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood. He frequently dyes his hair and his current hair color is red. He also got his eyebrow pierced on July 24th. He is super hot and should be the best in the band even though he isnt treated like the rest of the boys sometimes, if you know what i mean.
Released in September 2011, One Direction's debut single, "What Makes You Beautiful", reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, after becoming the most pre-ordered Sony Music Entertainment single in history. Other singles, like "Gotta Be You" and "One Thing", peaked in the UK Singles Chart top ten. "What Makes You Beautiful" was released in the United States in February 2012, where it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 28, becoming the highest debut for a British act since 1998! One Direction reached the top of every music store and sold out all of their concerts in the biggest arenas in 2013. In February 2013, One Direction released a cover version of "One Way or Another" and "Teenage Kicks" ("One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)") as the 2013 Comic Relief single. As part of their involvement with the UK charity, One Direction traveled to Ghana to volunteer at a children's hospital, visit a school and make donations. Are they amazing, or what?!?
In December 2011, One Direction embarked on their first headlining UK concert tour, the Up All Night Tour. The tour was comprised or 62 shows. In August 2012 One Direction performed "What Makes You Beautiful" at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London. One Direction embarked on a radio promotion spree, as well as their first North American concert tour as an opening act for Big Time Rush.

One Direction embarked on their second concert tour in February 2013, the Take Me Home Tour. The concert tour consists of over 100 shows in Europe, North America and Australasia. The tour received critical acclaim from music critics who praised the band's live vocals and their performance abilities and was a commercial success, selling 1,635,000 tickets from 134 shows.

On 16 May 2013, the band announced their first stadium tour, the Where We Are Tour, which began in April 2014. They plan to donate £200,000 of the tour's ticket sales to the Stand Up to Cancer charity.
Their last group hug of the tour
Last day on tour.
Niall Horan was born in Mullinger Ireland on September 13, 1993. He has one brother named Greg and his mum and dad, Greg got married and had a son named Theo. Niall LOVES food. Once he had a dream that all of the food in the world was gone, he woke up crying. Niall loves to play soccer and he loves playing the guitar. He got his braces on December 2011, and got them taken off on April 3,2013.. Niall wants to purpose to his girlfriend (meee) on valentines day lilke his mum and dad, awwwwww. WHO DOESNT LOVE NIALL !!!
Books and Films
A book by One Direction, One Direction: Forever Young, was published by HarperCollins in February 2011

One Direction's first book to be licensed in America, Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction, was published in the United States in May 2012, and topped The New York Times Best Seller list.

Up All Night: The Live Tour is a video album documenting the 3 January 2012 show of English-Irish boy band One Direction's Up All Night Tour. It was released on 28 May 2012 by Syco Music. Filmed at the International Centre in the British city of Bournemouth, It brought global success, having topped the charts in twenty-five countries and selling one million copies by August 2012.

One Direction: This Is Us is a 2013 a concert film. I touched many hearts when they showed a clip of the boys on the X Factor.

One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film, is the second concert film and the sequel to One Direction: This Is Us. The film takes place on the 28th and 29th of June 2014 and shows of the band's Where We Are Tour at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.

Thank You!!!
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