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Branding and Quality Control

No description

Danny Peleva

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Branding and Quality Control

London office projects
Branding, Quality Control and London office
Quality Control
All the information has been passed to partners with recommendations and instructions for improvement
Scheduled training of over 19 partners and 145 service technicians
Supplies team
Quality Control

3 evaluation reports for all services all partners were prepared and sent out to all partners
branded 6 more vehicles
A seasonal uniform catalog of all brands for all service technicians was created; arrangements with suppliers made
100 inspections done for the past month on branding and quality control and feedback and visual proof of those were sent to the partners
Special plans for team development have been created for partners that are under-performing;
Feedback report from over 250+ customers taken
A new training for gardening and landscaping teams has been develop
Integrated the use of the inventory and sales software Unleashed- all invoices, purchases and sales are entered in the system which gives us better control and statistics on the warehouse inventories; online shop purchases etc
current number of vehicles on the road- 122
A new brand for poor performers is created- Friendly Cleaners- which will help in evaluating partners' quality
Currently using the QCM on-site to train on-site when inspecting
A new person hired for this team- total number of Supply Managers- 2
Helped corporate dep with their offline campaign aimed towards agency customers- stencils on the streets and letter distributions; cold calls and visits
Cold calls and visits with corporate customers- sold 50 hours worth of handyman service; 15 3-bedroom properties for After Builders Cleaning; a new agency on board and 2 weeks of corporate regular cleaning sold;
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