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Social Studies

No description

Shelby Soeder

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Studies

Economics Key Ideas:
Wants and needs, goods
and services, the flow of
money through our society. Example:
People work at jobs to
earn money, and they
spend their money on
goods and services. Citizenship Key Ideas:
Rights, responsibilities, pride,
and hope, being a good
neighbor and caring
about others. Example:
Many people help others in their
community by volunteering
in school or churches. Geography Key Ideas:
Location, place, maps and more.
People and environments surround
us and are ever changing. Examples:
Studying countries and
capitals helps sudents learn
about the country. Social Studies Skills Key Ideas:
Many special skills are needed
to better understand the world
around you. Example:
Learning to read a map
is an important social
studies skill. Government Key Ideas:
People work to make the laws that influence our lives.
Elected officials work with
citizens to govern. Example:
The President runs for office
and is elected by the voters in
a country. History Key Ideas:
Time and chronology,
years and dates.
How the past has helped
to shape our lives. Example:
Making a time line of
events from the past
helps us understand
their importance. Science, Technology,
and Society Key Ideas:
Inventions, computers, and
ideas. Technology has changed
the way people live together
in the world. Example:
The automobile is
an important invention
that has drastically
changed the way we live. Culture Key Ideas:
Holidays, traditions, foods,
and stories. We learn about
ourselves through the
customs we celebrate. Example:
Amerians celebrate
many different religious
holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah,
and Easter.
8 Strands of Social Studies
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